Really Old Anime

I’ve been compiling lists of the pre-war and pre-1970 animation from Japan:

• A list of short pre-war animation from Japan.  These titles can be found on a recent DVD/DVD set. Link to Old Anime table (work in progress.) A few samples are also on

• A page in the blog with a list of post-war anime, mainly movies:  /WEBSITE/Old Anime (work in progress)

For the following AniDB links you need to use MS Internet Explorer, which displays the filter box properly.

• List of  old TV anime series, from the 1960’s onwards: external link

or short URL (thanks Giovanni Wassen)

• List of Movies and OVAs: External link

This is a very full list with many titles for each year from 1917 onwards.

Attack no 1 – Italy

Was fiddling around with my satellite receiver and found that I could get Italia1 (a channel that broadcasts some Japanese animation) on 13 deg E which is one of the easiest satellites to pick up.

Attack no 1

Also found via Google that the channel “RAI Gulp” on 13 deg. E. (FTA ) broadcasts anime, including Attack no 1 a.k.a “Mimi e la nazionale della pallavolo” on at 19.00 today.

Furthermore, I saw a feed for Italian Ebay which demonstrates that the whole series is available on Italian DVDs and you can buy them for reasonable sums of money. This is a classis sports anime series which I waatched several times in its German version “Mila Superstar”.

Additions to anime database

Just added entries on Aoi Hana, Toukyo Magnitudo 8, Bakemonogatari, Nyan Koi, Sasameki Koto, Kimi ni Todoke and Aoi Bungaku (Japanese titles) to my database (see link to left or via WEBSITE).
It took ages. I wonder why I still do this. Blogging is much less laborious.

A Complete Shoujo Anime List

The Shoujo listing on this site has been revised as The Shoujo Anime Database (2004, 2005, 2006) and, by permission of Vince Ho, incorporates the entire Shoujo Anime List (1995).

Many entries are already in place. Entries based on or matching with the Shoujo Anime List 1995 are generally enhanced by additional data, synopses and comment, and, in some cases, screen grabs. Screen grabs are included purely for purposes of identification and review. (Most screen grabs are in the TV section).The Shoujo listing is extracted from the General database by activating the shoujo option.  Continue reading “A Complete Shoujo Anime List”

Manga Artist Sites

Buichi Terasawa Creator of Cobra etc. Monkey Punch Creator of Lupin III . Kia Asamiya Creator of Silent Mobius etc.

Miscellaneous Anime Stuff

Pointers to several sites of miscellaneous anime stuff.

Hitoshi Doi’s site: Devoted to magical girls, shoujo, cute girls series.

Anime In4mation: Devoted to featured anime series, Japan cultural stuff, book reviews, obscure lists.

Richard’s animated divots: Information and credits on many TV anime series.

Tha Anime Primer: A classic introductory resource.

Anime and Manga FAQ: Anime Web Guide & other things from newsgroups.

Satellite TV Anime

I used to be interested in watching anime on European satellite TV, before the days of bittorrent and broadband. There was an astonishing amount of it (all dubbed in sundry European languages) something like 8 or 10 hours of anime a day. There isn’t so much now, and most of it is only of interest to small European kids, but some of the channels are still running should you have multi-satellite receiving equipment and want to check it out. Continue reading “Satellite TV Anime”