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Title (English) Kimagure Orange Road
Title (Japanese) Kimagure orenji rodo

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes a.k.a. "Orange Road"
Creator(s): Izumi Matsumoto.
Classification -
Synopsis The hero; who has magical powers as do others of his family including his twin sisters; gets himself involved with two girls; the beautiful and mysterious Madoka and the more innocent and sparky Hikaru. The love triangle is not resolved in the TV series or the OVAs but is resolved in the first movie.
Review A classic magic/school/romance anime - now somewhat overshadowed by later and more sophisticated works. There is no developing story; rather a series of often fantastical incidents based on the central situation. (G.Cowie)

A "classic" tale of a high school romantic triangle with fantasy elements; this late 1980's series has legions of rabid fans. I've seen up to episode 8 now as the Japanese satellite channel called the "Kids Station" broadcasts the series in two back-to-back episodes per week. The series is sweet and funny and has some really nice background music. But I haven't been "caught" by the show yet, maybe because long ago I spent a lot of "emotional energy" on a Madoka-like girl and didn't like the end result. Rating - B-
(Dave Baranyi)

Credits Dates: April 6, 1987-March 7, 1988; Number of episodes: 48; Production Company: Studio Pierrot; Creator(s): Izumi Matsumoto; Episode Directors: Tomomitsu Mochizuki; Character Designer(s): Akemi Takada; Voice Actors (regular characters): Toru Furuya (Kyosuke). Hiromi Tsuru (Madoka). Eriko Hara (Hikaru)
Episodes 48
Release Jap:LD, US:LD, US:VHS, US:DVD, It:TV
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1987 April 6 - 1988 March 7
Production Studio Pierrot
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