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Title (English) Blue Legend Shoot!
Title (Japanese) aoki densetsu shoot
Art Sample

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Notes (Ger.= Die Champions). Pol.= Pilka w grze.
Japanese name: 蒼き 伝説 シュート
Classification -
Synopsis Shoot! is another football anime, set in Japan, about three footballers, Toshi, Kazuhiro, and Kenji, and their childhood friend Kazumi. There was also a manga, which has a somewhat different storyline. The three, successful footballers in junior high school, get into the senior high school team. Kazumi, now grown into an attractive young woman, remains their friend, fan and cheerleader. The anime story covers approximately two football seasons. In the first, the talented footballer Kubo is in the team until the final, and in the second season his place and shirt number (10) are inherited by young Toshie.
There's a great deal of footie, which may get tedious if you are not a footie fan, or have not been following the plot.
Later on in the series, (second football season) Kazumi goes her own way to begin a career as a singer, but makes efforts to keep in touch with the team's progress. As in the previous season, they do well in the championship.
As Kazumi innocently leaps about, viewers are treated to the same glimpses of her charms that get the lads in such a fluster of hopeless passion. Initially at least, Kazumi seems oblivious of the effect she is having on her maturing friends... Late in the series it is still not clear to whom, if any of them, Kazumi will give her heart. This is one of those series in which it is very easy to imagine the characters as real people. Certainly Kasumi, when she appears, evokes a real girl of flesh and blood more vividly than almost any other character in anime.Kazumi in newspaper The final episodes were distinguished from other TV anime by the quality of animation, which is modern and very filmic in character, and the relatively mature tone of the drama. Well worth checking out an episode just to see what it looks like.
Whether you continue watching will depend on whether you like acres of football anime, and how well you can follow the plot. It's possible to follow the general form of the story even with an imperfect knowledge of the language(s) into which it is dubbed.
Episodes 58
Release Pol:TV
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1993 November 7 - 1994 December 25
Production Toei Animation
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