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Title (English) Tommy, Star of the Giants
Title (Japanese) Kyojin no Hoshi

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Eng = "Great Star" (?) It.= "Tommy, la stella dei Giants"
Also movies and a second TV series (1975, 75 eps)
Classification -
Synopsis Seems to be about a baseball star, and his relationship with his mentor, & his girlfriend, who (at least in the episodes I've seen) is a successful singer.
The "Yomiuri Giants" is a real baseball club in Japan.
Review This is a very old sports anime series, but still worth a look. Unlike almost all modern anime, but like "Attack no.1" from the same period, it is completely devoid of intentional humour. Instead, what we get is a straight and fairly mature drama about a sportsman and his personal problems. Tommy (in the episodes I've seen) tries to maintain a relationship with singer "Jenny" despite discoragement from his trainer and management, who fear distraction and adverse publicity, and the annoying attentions of the Press, who are eager to manufacture photo-oppurtunities and blow them up into a scandal (just like today's tabloids).
I haven't seen him play a game yet! Instead, we get atmospheric glimpses of a Japan that is now some 30 years in the past.
The character design is quite odd, with male characters looking rugged, and the women (including the singer-girlfriend, who presumably is pretty) looking quite ugly.
This series has survived well. Your chances of seeing a fansub are zero (unless somebody reading this accepts the challenge) but try and see it if you can.
Tommy & trainer
Episodes 181
Release It:TV
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1968-71
Production Tokyo Movie, Magic Bus, Yomiuri TV
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