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Title (English) The Magic Mirror (series 1)
Title (Japanese) Himitsu no Akko-Chan

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes It.="Lo Specchio Magio"
Eng.= "The Secret Akko-Chan"
Based on manga by Fujio Akatsuka.
Classification shoujo
Synopsis Akko breaks a mirror given her by her father who brought it back from India. She buries the fragments in the garden, but the spirit of the mirror gives her a new one. The magical mirror allows her to teleport, or change into a bird etc. The spirit warns her to keep the powers of the mirror a secret.
Review Akko & friend

An old "magical girl" series, seen in Italian with a Polish overdub.I identified this as Himitsu no Akko-Chan (The Secret Akko-Chan), listed in Vince Ho's Shoujo Anime List, as the little girl has a powder compact mirror, and a ship appears in two of the episodes. Each episode is a self-contained story, often involving the same child characters, and usually Akko(?) teleports or transforms into a bird, using her mirror. In one episode a baby is shut inside a scrapped refrigerator, in another an artist is tormented by a malicious parrot, in a third a manga artist (rather good!) draws parodies of the children who are then 'drawn' into a lurid fantasy adventure. There's also a fairy that sometimes appears to help her.
I watched 3 episodes all the way through, aided by sharp ears and very rudimentary Italian, and confess that the series has a certain innocent charm.

Tekkamuyumayakon! Tekkamuyumayakon! Another shape-shifting Magical Girl. Just that this one has been around for many years, has undergone several remakes, predates the Sailor Moon phenomenon, and is practically unknown in the U.S. (and, by contrast, very well-known and loved in Japan). The stories center around Kagami ("Mirror") Atsuko (Akko-chan), her friends, and the neighborhood they live in. Akko-chan has a magic mirror that allows her to transform herself into anyone else, and she uses her shape-shifting ability to get herself and her friends out of (or, in many cases, into) trouble.
The episodes move at a breakneck clip. Her friends are pretty rough kids, the boys especially. When they get into fights, it's like a big furball. One episode had a (very violent) gaijin girl called Cassie show up, and causes all sorts of mayhem ("I want to eat JAPANESE food!"). Akko-chan sees a gaijin woman and transforms into her, thinking she might be Kathy's mother. Unfortunately, what comes out of her mouth is "Spanish" ("Pero pero pero pero pero" - Cassie goes "I don't UNDERSTAND!"). Worse, this weird gentleman appears and gets down on one knee in front of her. Turns out, his name is Don Jose and HER name happens to be Carmen...
(Iskandar Taib )

Episodes 94
Release It:TV, Pol:TV
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1969
Production Toei, NET
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