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Title (English) Aim for the Ace! #2
Title (Japanese) Ace o Nerae

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Eur.= "Jenny Jenny", "Jenny la Tenista"
From a manga by YAMAMOTO Sumika, published in Margaret magazine. The series was continued in 1978-9 (25 eps), and in two series of OVAs (1988, 13eps, 1989, 12 eps). There is also a movie (1979). These details have been carefully researched by the Technogirls, who have traced the original materials, and are believed correct.
The 2nd TV series is also known as "Shin Ace o Nerae". The OVA series are apparently also known as "Ace o Nerae! 2", and "Ace o Nerae! Final Stage" respectively.
TV series #1 was issued originally as 7LD totalling 600 min, or 8 tapes 70 min each.
TV series #2 was issued on LD & tape (the details unconfirmed).
The OVAs were apparently issued on LD & tape (the details unconfirmed).
The movie (88 mins) was issued on LD & tape.

The Italian TV series 1988-90, 26 eps? (illustrated here) is possibly adapted from the 2nd TV series, or probably the Japanese OVAs which were made as a sequel to the 1978 Japanese TV series.
There were 2 Italian dubs, the first made in 1982 and the second (featured here) in 1995.

Classification shoujo
Synopsis At the Nishi High School tennis club, Oka Hiromi makes friends with chatty Maki Aikawa, becomes an admirer of tennis star Reika "Madame Butterfly" Ryuuzaki, and an enemy of former team member Kyouko Otowa.
Oka Hiromi, initially a poor player, succeeds though determination and the hard work of coach Munkata.
OVA sequel: After the death of a close friend, "Jenny" takes up tennis again, briefly visits America in pursuit of a lover, and competes in a tournament.
Review A classic shoujo tennis anime, in which Oka Hiromi (Jenny), initially a poor player, succeeds though determination and the hard work of coach Munkata. The second series, storywise, is a remake of the first, not a continuation. The opening & closing credit artwork is astonishing, with character designs that bear a close resemblance to those of Onisama E (=Dear Brother), and the remainder has the rather stylised action sequences typical of sports anime. The tennis sequences are more than usually stylised, with the emphasis purely on determination and power play.
Like Onisama E, it seems intended for more mature viewers; all the principal characters appear adult. Polsat showed the Italian edition with a Polish overdub. I've watched many of the Italian episodes; it's hard to follow, but the art is great (also beautiful women in tennis dresses...)Jenny

The OVA designs are very similar to those of Brother, Dear Brother (Onisama e), with several characters being much the same as those in BDB. I haven't seen the 2nd TV series, but I'm told it is also stunningly similar to BDB.

Credits Dir: Osamu Dezaki, Masami Hata
Des: Akio Sugino
Credits from broadcast used for review:
c. 1988/1989/1990 Sum.Yam/TMS/EMO/BAND/CFC
Original work Sumika Yamamoto, directed by Osamu Dezaki, screenplay Makiko Mikami/Masami Mori, storyboard by Hiroyuki Yano/Osamu Dezaki.
Animation work Akio Sugino/Satori Hirayama, character design Akio Sugino.
Music Hiroaki Serizawa.
Episodes 25
Release It:TV
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1978
Production TMS, A Pro, Takara, Madhouse, NET
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