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Title (English) Red Riding Hood Cha-cha
Title (Japanese) Akazukin Chacha
Art Sample

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Notes Based on a manga by AYAHANA Min, published in Ribbon magazine, 1992.
Classification shoujo
Synopsis Chacha is a very cute, little magician girl who is still learning how to use magic from her teacher Seravi. She has blonde hair, and is always wearing a red riding hood. Chacha still can't use magic very well, and messes up a lot. Chacha likes Riiya, although she treats him like her pet sometimes. Chacha goes to a magician's school.
(Hitoshi Doi)

Little ChaCha with red hood is a novice sorceress and actually the only heiress of Magical Kingdom, which powerful, monstrous sorcerer now dominates after he turned her parents into stone. ChaCha is no more than incompetent to confront the evil, yet she can `Holy-Up', or transform into a `Magical Princess', a beautiful fighter with legendary weapons... (AAK)

12 year old ChaCha lives in the Mochi-Mochi mountains, where she is studying magic. She is aided by of her friends Ria (a young werewolf) and Shine, who can help her undergo the magical transformations of Love, Heroism and Hope. The great Devil King wants her dead; other rivals include Black Hood, and a mermaid, Marine.

Review I'll admit I'm a little disappointed that the Magical Princess is only in the TV version of the story. (kawaii.... ^_^;;) The TV character designs are a little bit like those in Hime-chan's Ribbon. (Chacha seems like a young Hime-chan, and the Magical Princess seems like an older one.) (RDL)

Funny but otherwise undistinguished. (GC)

Credits Series Director: Shoki Tsuji
Writer(s): Ryousuke Takahashi
Voice Actors (regular characters): Masami Suzuki (Chacha), Noriko Hidaka (Shiine), Shingo Katori (Riiya), Tohru Senrui (Seravi), Junko Ohtsubo (Dorothy), Tomo Sakurai (Marin), Taiki Matsuno (Rascal-sensei), Noriko Namiki (Orin), Sumi Shimamoto (Urara-enchou), Mayumi Akado (Yakko)
Episodes 74
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1994 January 7 - 1995 June 30
Production NAS and Studio Gallop
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