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Title (English) YUA Special
Title (Japanese) Taiho Shichauzo

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Spin-off from "You're Under Arrest" TV series.
This the 3rd series
Classification -
Review Last year at the time that the "You're Under Arrest" movie was released in Japan, the "TBS" station in the Osaka region broadcast 4 episodes of a "YUA" special new series. Those were OAV-quality, brainless fun bits of ecchi fluff with some enjoyable humor if you weren't expecting some sort of "Master Piece Theater". A lot of "purist" YUA fans got pretty bent out of shape at the "specials", but I found them to be a bit of a "relief" from the seriousness of the original series.
Well, I was reminded of the YUA "specials" while writing about "Burn-up Excess" earlier this evening, and then, low and behold, what shows up on the first tape of today's "care package" of anime from my friend in Japan but the first 1/2 hour episode of a new YUA "special" series which was apparently broadcast on the 16th. The new "special" was last on the tape, so I first watched, what I think will be the 2nd to last part of the "Arlong" saga in "One Piece", then episode 22 or "Love Hina", then episode 21 of "Ayashi no Ceres".
Bad move.
The first episode of the new YUA "special" is as "special" as yesterday's cat food that has been left out in the cat's dish all night. Maybe they meant that this episode was created by a "special education" class of junior animators. The characters were barely recognizable, the animation was so flat and dull that the CG looked like an old "CGA" bitmap picture, the dialog and writing was unspeakably ghastly and the plotting made last year's "special" series look like Hamlet. Let me tell you, those folks who hated last year's "specials" will go into cardiac arrest at this year's travesty.
You may feel I'm just a bit jaded, so let me give a brief synopsis of the three parts of the show. ( Yes, three separate parts in a 30 minute program. )
First part - a guy is about to be beaten up by some punks to whom he owes money when the girls come by and scare off the punks by crushing a pop can ( open, not sealed ). The guy, then smitten by the girls, starts to try to get arrested by them so that he can try to grab a feel of their boobs. ( Real "classic stuff", desu ne? ) The guy eventually ends up beaten up so badly that he has to stop.
Second part - a girl is going through a park at night when a scary figure scares her. The girls, with the guys as backup, go into the park, dressed in skimpy clothes. One of the girls gets scared by her boss, runs off alone, and runs into the "monster" of the park. The "monster" turns out to be a mugger who gets easily caught. ( You're waiting for a punch line or something? Sorry can't help you and I'm not hiding a "spoiler" either that's all there is to that part. )
Third part - the air conditioning in the police building is broken and the weather is hot, so the girls walk around in their underwear in their change room. A hentai photography waits outside to photograph the girls once they open the window to the change room. But the guys open their blinds instead and the photographer shoots the guys in their underwear by accident. Afterwards the photographer sends a kitten with a micro-camera tied around its neck into the girl's locker room but he still doesn't get any good photos. So the photographer decides to dress like an ugly police woman and goes into the locker room, only to be thrown out the window. ( That's it, you ask? Once again, sorry, that's all folks. )
Anyway, don't take my word for it - go out and buy the Japanese OAV's of the new series, then you can get double the pain! (LOL)
(Dave Baranyi)
Credits Creator: Kousuke Fujishima (manga)
Episodes 26
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 2001 April 7 - 2001 September 29
Broadcaster TBS
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