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Title (English) Magic Girl Meg
Title (Japanese) Majokko Megchan

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Japanese name: -‚?-‚ÁZqƒ?ƒO‚¿‚á‚ñ ; Italian name ="Bia"
A Magical-Girl anime.
Manga artist: NARITA Akio / INOUE Tomo
Classification shoujo
Synopsis Two young witches, Meg and Non, are chosen as the candidates for the next queen of the Magic Land. They are sent to the earth because the one who learns more from the human world will be regarded as the new queen. Hence, they start living with humans (except that their host mothers are ex-witches and can use a little magic). Meg is freewheeling, tomboyish, and loves to live with human family; Non is cold-hearted and dislikes humans, but occasionally rescues her troublesome rival Meg, in order to make it `fair competition'...(AAK)
Review Meg lives in a European-looking city with her parents and her little sister and annoying younger brother. In one typical episode, Meg is seen as having magical powers (she's a witch). Her brother bullies the younger sister into jumping off a roof with a broomstick - when Meg uses her powers to save her, the brother gets completely the wrong idea, and repeats his mischief from a much higher and more public place!
Most episodes indicate her rivalry with the other witch girl, Non.
There is a clownish magician character, who has a crow and a very sly looking Siamese cat.
Should be popular with male fans, as Meg, with her pale skin, pretty face, curling red hair, deliciously slim figure, long legs, and very short skirts is one of the most obviously attractive of all the magical-girl heroines! Sometimes she appears briefly in very skimpy attire.

The character designs are by Araki Shingo, the character designer for "Pretty Soldier Sailormoon", and the first half of "Rose of Versailles".

Credits Production Company: Toei Animation; Subject: Makiho Narita, Satori Inoue; Music: Takeo Watanabe Character design: Shingo Araki, Bonjin Nagaki; Series Director: Shingo Araki ; Direction: Isamu Tsuchida; Genres: majokko (magical girls)
Episodes 72
Release It:TV, Pol:TV
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1974-04-01 - 1975-09-29
Production Toei Animation
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