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Title (English) Attacker You!
Title (Japanese) Attacker You!

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes It. ="Mila e Shiro, due cuori nella Pallavolo"
Fr: ="Jeanne et Serge".
Volleyball sports anime, from a manga by KOIZUMI Shizuo, published in Nakayoshi magazine.
Jap. VHS: 9 tapes 81-88 min each.
Classification shoujo
Synopsis The energetic and somewhat tomboyish young heroine You Azuki ("Mila" in the Italian version) plays in the Hikawa high school volleyball team. She is recently re-united with her father, who has been working in Peru, while You's mother disappeared while You was very young. Her cousin, Mimi Ayura, is already a famous player. You fancies the star of the boy's volleyball team in the same school,. (Shiro in Italian version) and (literally) throws herself at him at very opportunity.
Later, she joins the "Seven Fighters" apparently a professional volleyball team, while her friend "Nami" (the girl with the Egyptian hairstyle) joins a rival team, the Unicorns, coached by the brutal coach from You's old school. The following action is essentially about You's efforts to distinguish herself and be selected for a national team. (GC)

A girl, Jeanne (You Azuki) wants to become a great volley-ball smasher as famous as her cousin Mimi Ayura. At the same time, she falls in love with a volley-ball player, Serge of the team of Hikawa. (RIV)

Review This is a lot of fun to watch, as the animation and character designs are quite good, and the characters and situations are interesting.
Comparisons with the earlier volleyball sports anime series "Attack no.1" are inevitable. "Attack no.1" was definitely not a comedy, while "Attacker You" is. In "Attack no.1" the passing romantic attachments of several characters form a minor part of the story, while in "Attacker You" they are more prominent, at least in the early episodes. Be warned that Italian dubbers try to turn every series into a school romance, whether it was one or not! Curiously, in the later comedy, many details such as clothing, kneepads, court floors etc, seem to be shown in a more realistic way than in the earlier "Attack no.1". The style of play looks quite different too, as the play in "Attacker You", with simple ball-bashing and blocking moves, looks to me more like how schoolgirl volleyball might be.
The first few episodes of "Attacker You" include the controversy caused by the coach's habit of slapping the girls around when they play badly. It would seem this practice was too much even for modern Japanese sensibilities. Anyway he resigns and departs. There is a brutal coach in "Attack no.1" too, whose tactics force two girls out of a national training squad.
Verdict: worth watching. (I liked it enough to watch the whole series.) Much about this series is so good that I actually find some of the slapstick a little irritating, and the cute big-eyed little adopted brother and his pet goose and dog make me want to throw something.

Curiously, in the German version of "Attack no 1" the heroine is called Mila, and the Italian "Attacker You" has the same opening & closing theme tume as the German "Attack no 1". (GC)

It is very famous in France and when it was first aired, many French girls began to practice volley-ball. (RIV) Rating **

Credits Dir: Kazuyuki Okaseko
Episodes 58
Release It:TV
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1984 Apr 13 - 1985 June 21
Production Knack, TV Tokyo
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