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Title (English) Wandering Sun
Title (Japanese) Sasurai no Taiyo

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes It. = "Jane e Micci", Fr.= "Nathalie et ses Amis"
From a manga by FUJIGAWA Keisuke and SUZUKI Miyumi, published in Shoujo Comic. Genre(s): drama, music, idol singers
Classification shoujo
Synopsis In a hospital a malicious stranger switches the identity bracelets of two babies. Two girls grow up, one rich, one poor. The poor girl Nozomi, is suddenly transferred to another school, and encounters another girl who has the same birthdate, and also looks very like her. However the rich girl , Miki, is rather disagreeable, and manipulations by the malicious stranger ensure that they become enemies.

Miki has her every whim met by her rich parents. Nozomi is the more talented musician of the two, but has to struggle to support her blind mother, by strumming her guitar and singing in various unsavoury venues. The two girls compete to become successful singers. (GC)

The story of two girls competing to be successful singers. (HBV)

Review The two girls
I have only seen a few episodes. The style establishes that this is a period piece made some years ago. Also, it's a straight drama, which was common in TV anime 30 years ago but is rare today. The animation is fairly basic, but the story has plenty of drama and is quite interesting. It didn't tempt me to drop other daily anime and follow it instead, though. (GC)

This is a Fuji TV series with 26 episodes. Music, Youth, Soap Opera all roll in one anime. (HBV) Rating **

Episodes 26
Release It:TV
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1971 April 8 - 1971 September 30
Production Mushi Productions
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