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Title (English) Mako the Mermaid
Title (Japanese) Maho no Mako-chan

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes From a manga by URAGAWA Shinobu, serialised in Shoujo Comic magazine. BTW Uragawa is supposed to be the pseudonym for the producer or director of the anime!

The anime was aimed at the girls who had seen "Sally" and "Akko-chan".

Classification shoujo
Synopsis Maho no Mako-chan is about a mermaid, who fell in love with a man and decided to leave the ocean forever and become a human. So she lives as an ordinary girl and is searching for her beloved, Akira. It's a typical shojo and it's a little like soap opera for girls. (Barret)

In each episode, some kind of trouble happens around Mako, and she solves the problem with her magic pendant.
There was a kind of rival of Mako, Tomita Tomiko, though she doesn't use magic, but she is just mean to Mako all the time.

Review Seems to be a magical-girl story. Mako looks about 18 and has some younger and rather lowlife friends. She has a magical disc hung from a string about her neck.
In fact, Maho is 15, and it seems the target audience, who had previously seen "Sally" and "Akko-chan" were about the same age.
Credits Dir. Yugo Serikawa Des. Masaki Tsuji
Episodes 48
Release Pol:TV
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1970 Nov 2 - 1971 Sept 27
Production Toei
Broadcaster NBC
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