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Title (English) Earth Girl Arjuna
Title (Japanese) Chikyu Shoujo Arjuna
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"Arjuna" is an anime-original, created by Shoji Kawamori.
Classification -
Synopsis SF/fantasy series. A high school girl starts to see visions of a horrible, disastrous future full of huge, form changing "things" that are destroying everything.
Review WOW! I'm making the prediction right now, from seeing the first episode ( broadcast on January 9th ), that the new TV Tokyo sci-fi/fantasy series "Arujuna" is going to be THE series to watch this season.
First of all, the show has the most incredible animation I've ever seen - it puts Disney to shame. There are extraordinary details, colors, movement, shading and more. Every scene has something going on in large or small details, even to the point of having the ice cream melt and drip in a character's cone while all sorts of other things are going on in one scene. To a good extent the details were so realistic that many scenes seemed almost like film rather than animation. Add to this character designs that are very modern and realistic yet attractive.
Of course, animation isn't everything, and "Arujuna" also has one of those "What the hell is actually going on?" sorts of plots that I love. A high school girl starts to see visions of a horrible, disastrous future full of huge, form changing "things" that are destroying everything. The girl then gets into an accident while riding with her boyfriend on his motorcycle, because they run into some sort of distortion of time and space. The girl dies, but is resurrected to an extent by a crippled boy who is part of a special force that is trying to contain or control the monsters.
I realize that from my description the plot sounds like a hundred other shows, but trust me - it isn't. There are several pages on the series on the TV Tokyo web site, ( ) along with a Quick Time excerpt from the opening theme and animation. The images on the web pages will give you an idea of how colorful the animation is, but they can't do justice to the details or the action.
In any event, beg, borrow or steal the episodes of "Arujuna" - you've got to see it! (Dave Baranyi)

The premier new series of the new season, this "magic girl saves the earth" series has turned into something quite different. In fact, every episode is different and unexpected. Right now the series is wandering into Miyazaki territory with its ambivalent message about mankind and the ecology in which there are no clear heroes or villains, even our heroine Juna herself. The series boasts incredibly and spectacularly beautiful and detailed animation, totally believable characters, a plot that twists and turns with almost every frame, and a score by Yoko Kano. This is definitely the "must see" anime this season. Rating : A+ (Dave Baranyi)

This is one of my all-time favourite anime. I bought some of the DVDs, they got stolen so I bought the whole set. Great visuals, strong environmental theme, interesting characters, good story.(GC)

Credits score by Yoko Kano
Episodes 12
Release US:DVD
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 2001 January 9 - 2001 March 27
Production Satellite
Broadcaster TV Tokyo
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