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Title (English) Mahoro Matic
Title (Japanese) MahoroMatic: Automatic Maiden

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Fantasy Novel

Notes Mahoro Matic is the first BS digital anime which is broadcasted by digital HiVision format (16:9, 1125p format).
"Mahoromatic" DVD 1 is Pioneer PIBA-1296, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 50 minutes long ( = episodes 1 & 2 ). With the disc come various extras in a big box.
Classification -
Synopsis The story is a familar one. The Earth faced with the mysterious alien attack, and humankind is faced with crisis. An unknown organization started to fight against alien and a humanoid battle robot was created. Mahoro is one of the battle humanoids but her life is short as battroid. So the headquater permitted her to retire and to let her enjoy the remaining time. And what Mahoro wished was to be a maid to serve a human!! Her remaining time was 336 days...

The story line of "Mahoromatic" is about Mahoro, who is a combat android who has been given time off as a reward for her successes in battle, and chooses to spend her last year of life as a house maid. She ends up with a 14-year old named Suguru who happens to be living alone in a huge house. Suguru agrees to let Mahoro live with him and be his "maid" - to a certain extent she reminds him of his mother. (Dave Baranyi)

Review The animation quality was high and characters were quite cute. I think this will become popular.

"Mahoromatic" DVD 1 is Pioneer PIBA-1296, with a big empty box to go with it, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 50 minutes long ( episodes 1 & 2 ). With the disc comes a trading card with Suguru and Mahoro on it, a fold out booklet with story summaries on one side and character details on the other and a cardboard cutout page with Mahoro and Shikijo-sensei in their underwear. Yes, these are "cut out, dress up" cardboard dolls in the box. As soon as saw this I realized that I was treading into very deep "ecchi" territory, and the first two episodes didn't let me down.
The first two episodes consist of Suguru getting used to having Mahoro around, and Mahoro showing up at Suguru's school and bedazzling Suguru's classmates. Mahoro also raises the ire of Suguru's 25-year old "Christmas Cake" teacher who wants to get the attention of the males in her class, particularly Suguru. ( This is the most "fantastic" part of the story - combat androids I can believe in, but Shikijo-sensei being a "Christmas Cake" is too unbelievable. (g) )
But the first two episodes of "Mahoromatic" are not really about plot - instead, if you add up the screen time, they are really about female boobs and nipples, particularly episode 2. The Gainax gang does this somewhat tongue-in-cheek, however, as in the part of episode 2 where Mahoro lectures Suguru about not being ecchi about boobs. I get the feeling the creators of the show are using the boob shots to both grab the viewers and at the same time chide the viewers for their interest in those shots.
All-in-all, "Mahoromatic" reminds me of a lot of other series - it is almost as if it was a deliberate blend of "Nuku-Nuku", "Mamotte Shuugogetten", "Steel Angel Kurumi" and episode 26 of "Excel Saga". It is also relentlessly cute. It isn't a bad series, but I wish that it were finding more novel things to do with this heavily overworked plot line. BTW - were the "poems" at the end of the episodes part of the TV broadcasts? (Dave Baranyi)

This series has the not exactly original idea of an ordinary boy having a cute super-powered female joining his household. However, the animation is as bright, well-made and polished as anyone could desire, and Mahoro is decidedly cute and has some wonderful facial expressions when confronted with the unexpected. However, it's hard to believe that Suguru would be lusted after by his busty 25 year old teacher (even after a recent British court case).
Some people may need to be cautioned that this series is decidedly rude, with bare bosoms and mixed nude bathing being part of the program. Somebody called it "Fan-Service-o -Matic"
It's also extremely funny - at the Minami Con this show got louder hoots of laughter than anything else. If you buy this, take out insurance against injuring yourself by falling of the sofa :-)

Credits On a production tip, general director of this series was Sanga Hiroyuki, who did Wing of Honneamise. I liked his style very much but I heard that he retired from animation director to inherit his home business. I am glad to see he came back as an anime director. He is the best talented anime director in GAINAX and much more talented than Anno Hideaki.
It is said that Anno did the direction of opening anime scene. His typical missiles hopping Mahoro is seen.
And you must memorize the name of Masuda Toshiyuki, the music director of the whole series. He composed all the op/ed BGM of Mahoro which is now rare in TV anime. The wonderful and cheerful music just fits for this world.
On a seiyu topic, heroine Mahoro is acted by your favorite Kawasumi Ayako. (Natsuki in Initial-D) She has now become a heroine role actor. She did also Lafile in Seikai no Monsho, another important series came out within this five years. And the teacher was acted by Takada Yumi (Ayeka in Tenchi Miyo). Name of Sanada Asami(Dejiko in DigiCharat) was seen as one of the three girls.
No wonder this series is the highlight of the latter season of 2001.
Release Jap: DVD, US:DVD
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 2001 October 5 -
Production Gainax, Shaft
Broadcaster TBS
Animation Gainax
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