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Title (English) Please Teacher
Title (Japanese) Onegai Teacher

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Classification -
Synopsis A shounen romance/comedy about an 18 year old high school boy, who after being in a coma for 3 years, ends up in a marriage of convenience to his high school homeroom teacher.
Review The first anime I watched this evening was the first episode of the new Wowow/Lantis sci-fi/comic romance series called "Onegai Teacher", which is about a beautiful alien girl who comes to earth and disguises herself as a high school teacher.
Kei Kusanagi is out at night on a hillside near a large body of water, watching the stars and dreaming of going out into space when a strange phenomenon occurs - a giant whirlpool forms in the water in front of him. Then, at the edge of the water a series of lights appear, as does the figure of a beautiful young red headed woman. Kei takes off at that with the glowing figure chasing him, but he trips and then awakens in class the next day, figuring that he must have been dreaming. To add to his confusion a new, gorgeous young teacher named Mizuho comes to class that morning and bedazzles everyone, and she resembles the girl from Kei's dreams. Then, later that day it turns out that the new teacher has moved into the same boarding house as Kei and after he helps her move in he suddenly realizes that Mizuho is the girl from the night before, and Mizuho realizes at the same time that Kei remembers.
Kei stumbles out of the room and into a transporter that takes him to Mizuho's spaceship which is sitting underwater nearby. In a panic Kei wanders through the ship, eventually reaching the bridge, where he swats at a little doll like figure that is floating in the air on a little red tube. Unfortunately, the figure is the ship's computer, Marie, and things go haywire. The ship leaves the water and flies around a while before Marie comes to and regains control. Unfortunately, Marie also sends Kei off to a strange world that is being drawn into a black hole, from which Mizuho just barely saves Kei. They end up falling into the bathtub in Kei's house where they are found by the landlord.
This is a Wowow series, so there is the expected amount of fan service - so far mainly of the cleavage kind, rather than the panty shots of the previous "teacher" series, "I, My Me, Strawberry Eggs". The animation is also up to the usual Wowow standards. ( I've got to think that AIC, who is credited with some of the animation, provided the cleavage shots. ) The music is okay, but nothing too memorable. The pacing of the show, however, is a bit uneven. It starts out quite slow, then ends up with a fairly well done bit of frenzy on the spaceship. ( The spaceship interiors are also nicely imaginative. )
The thing is, I wonder what they can do to make this show less predictable? I'm getting a little tired of the typical "hyper innocent" Wowow heroine and the stereotypical "gentle" Wowow hero. Granted, in this case, they explain Kei's fainting by alluding to serious health problems, but Wowow hasn't had a relatively "normal" hero since Kazuya in "Hand Maid May". And that, of course, gets to the root of the problem - Wowow keeps on churning out these nice-to-watch, "safe" series with recycled characters and plots. Whatever happened to the days when they would broadcast something really edgy like "Ima, Soku ni Iru Boku"?
The thought that kept on coming to mind while I was watching "Onegai", was, would an alien girl be like Mizuho, or more like Haruko in FLCL, and who would I rather watch? That's not to say that there is anything too terribly "wrong" with "Onegai", and I will continue to watch it, but it's just too bad that the originality is so limited. Rating : C-
(Dave Baranyi)

By episodes 6&7 this develops into a fully fledged take-off of another "geek with gorgeous girls" series - "Ah My Goddess". The hints were there from the beginning - a geeky guy named Kei gets thrown together with a mysterious older girl called Mizuho, who is not only has alien powers but is also an alien in disguise. Mizuho plays the "Belldandy" roll in the series ( and is even voiced by Kikuko Inoue ). But now the series has gone ahead and introduced it's own versions of Urd and Skuld, who turn up as Mizuho's Mom Hatsuho and younger sister Maho.
Hatsuho looks a lot like Mizuho, but has an even bigger chest. She also likes to act warm and cuddly around Kei - he reminds her of her late husband. Maho, on the other hand, is instantly angry with Kei for taking her sister away, and spends much of both episodes making Kei's life even more miserable ( and risky ) than it is. But it turns out that even Maho has a crush on Kei and at the end of episode 7 gets caught by Mizuho giving a good-bye kiss to Kei. Mizuho responds to all this "family affection" by crying a lot and munching "Pocky" by the gross.
BTW - if you want to see Mizuho, Hatsuho and even little Maho in "cheesecake" alien space garments, check out the "official" page at : . However, the site does use a lot of those irritating Macromedia Flash boxes that bring up unreadable inner boxes. (Dave Baranyi).

Credits Series director: Yasunori Ide
- Kei Kusanagi played by Souichiro Hoshi (Keel Zeibel /"Tales of Eternia"; Ryu Soma/"Argentosoma"; Son Goku/"Saiyuki")
- Mizuho Kazami (Mizuho Kusanagi) - Kikuko Inoue (Belldandy/"Oh My Goddess")
- Marie - Tomoko Kaneda
- Koishi Herikawa - Ayako Kawasumi (Mahoro/"Mahoromatic")
- Hyosuke Magumo - Mitsuo Iwata (Pyoro/"Vandread")
- Kaede Misumi - Sayaka Ohara (Ezra Vieil/"Vandread"; Yuko Hikawa/"Angelic Layer"; Kie/"Seraphim Call")
- Ichigo Morino - Yukari Tamura ( Ai/"i -wish you were here-"; Kanami Yuta/"Scryed")
- Matagu Shido - Hiroaki Miura (Abominable Snowman/"Sorcerous stabber Orphen Revenge")
Release US:DVD
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 2001
Production Bandai Visual, DOOM, Genco
Broadcaster WOWOW
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