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Title (English) King of Bandits Jing
Title (Japanese) King of Bandit Jing

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Fantasy Novel

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Review This evening I had the opportunity to watch the first episode of the new 13-part NHK anime, "King of Bandits Jing". A while back I read a comment in a post that had referred to the series as "Lupin in a Trigun world with One Piece bad guys", and while the description is sort of correct, it misses the unique flavor of "Jing" a bit.
Jing is a mystery character, very cool and confident and quite young - he looks to be in his mid-teens. Most other characters disregard him as "just a kid". Jing also has a talking "parrot" of sorts named Kiru, who is a hentai wiseacre who just happens to transform into a very powerful weapon for Jing as required. ( Kiru reminds me a lot of Joe Carioca from "The Three Cabelleros". ) But Jing is also very adept with slight-of-hand, has blindingly fast moves and a has very powerful sword up his sleeve.
The first episode was set in a very baroque "Tower of Babel" sort of thieves' palace in the middle of a wasteland set in what appears to be a "world of thieves", equivalent to the "world of pirates" in One Piece. As with Trigun and One Piece, there appears to be a mix of technological levels in this world ( as indicated by a character who rides up on a motorcycle ) but there is also powerful magic. And unlike Lupin, Jing does not seem to be stealing only for the sake of stealing - this gives a vague feeling of similarity to "Eat Man" in the show, but with more humor.
The background music for the show is mainly jazz and blues - not the typical j-pop or attempted "cool" music typical in most TV Tokyo shounen action shows. The animation is also anything but "typical" - not only is there a lot of detail in the backgrounds and character designs, but there is also a lot of very well done and extremely well integrated 3DCG in various scenes.
All-in-all, "King of Bandits Jing" looks to be another winner for NHK and I will be looking forward to seeing more episodes.
(Dave Baranyi)

Saw the first episode - it's well - produced and entertaining. The young hero Jing however seems to have all the cards stacked in his favour. He's good-looking, in contrast to the other characters who are generally rather ugly, he's smart, and he has a powerful companion/weapon in the lecherous parrot. There's no clue to how things may develop in further episodes. (GC)

Episodes 13
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 2002
Broadcaster NHK
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