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Title (English) Plasta World
Title (Japanese)

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Fantasy Novel

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Review I normally don't watch the typical TV Tokyo toy/game-based kids anime, but since my friend taped "Plasta World" for me ( and very soon I won't be getting tapes of any anime any longer ) I actually sat down and watched this new Takara series. "Plasta World" is on Thursday nights at 6 PM and may be based upon a Game Boy fighting game. ( Or else the game has been developed along side of the anime. )

In the "Plasta" world, little white, bipedal B-Toma is looking for a giant human to help him fight his enemies. He searches around until he finds the right giant statue and is planning to check it out, when he gets drawn into a situation in which a fridge-sized lighter with a chicken head is capturing quadrapedal creatures that look vaguely like green dinosaurs with small fins on their backs and sides. B-Toma is a feisty sort, so he fights the giant chicken lighter, and apparently wins, when the lighter surprises him. B-Toma is then knocked up into the large hole in the bellybutton area of the giant humanoid statue, and is swept into some sort of transdimensional warp. Flying out at the same time is a quasi-humanoid purple bird-like creature with a bust ( lactating birds? ) called Big Liar, who happens to be the lighter's boss.

B-Toma ends up in the human world, where he is found by 11 year old Touma who is on his way home from school. In the human world, B-Toma is now toy-sized ( maybe 5 cm tall ), but his video game controller is now "normal" sized. B-Toma fools Touma into following him into the dimensional warp, and they are both drawn back into the Plasta world where the chicken cigarette lighter finds them and chases them. B-Toma is now back to normal size, but Touma is also normal sized, not a giant. So they have to flee the chicken lighter

B-Toma then does a transformation and becomes a power suit for Touma, and together they become "Plasto-On" and attack the chicken lighter, who upon defeat, transforms back into a small creature and a cigarette lighter. We also see that Big Liar has brought back a whole bag of Earth appliances and gadgets to her masters on the Plasta world. The episode ends with Touma back on Earth with only 10 minutes gone by. He gets a ring from the game controller and a hologram of B-Toma appears to him.

So what we have here is a typical generic pre-teen TV Tokyo game-based fighting show. There are ads for the "Plasta World" game for Game Boy - it comes with little figurines of the Plasta World creatures. Nothing of the show is particularly memorable or interesting for an adult, but it undoubtedly has its appeal for pre-teen boys and I wouldn't be surprised to see it show up here on Saturday morning TV.

(Dave Baranyi)

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