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Title (English) Maburaho
Title (Japanese) Maburaho

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Classification -
Synopsis Another 'harem' anime, in which the hero attends a school for youngsters with magical powers. His powers rate very low, but when it is revealed that he carries latent genes for great magical powers, he is pursued by the daughters of several magical houses, all keen to have his babies. Instead of behaving like a normal lad would, (in which case I suppose this would be a porn video) he behaves like a nerdish anime hero and devotes much energy to running away.
Review Rude and amusing, but not half as rude and amusing as imagining the adult version. A miss. (GC)

Oh gawd! Not another harem show! In what appears to be a deliberate attempt to definitively demonstrate the near total paucity of new ideas in shounen/seinen series, Wowow has brought out the new series "Maburaho", about a high school boy who has lousy powers but promising genes in a world of mages, and who is chased a bunch of babes who want his genes in the "worst way". I keep on thinking that the series should really be called, "My But You're a Ho", and not only in regards to the girls in the show. Wowow has such an uneven track record of series - how can a network that could broadcast "Ima Soku ni Iru Boku" regularly stoop so low for its other series. (Maybe "Ima Soku" was only an aberration.)

Ignoring the trite and cliched attempts at bawdiness, Maburaho doesn't even try to keep the audience guessing about what will happen. The very first dream scene shows that Kazuki had magical powers at one time, even though he doesn't appear to have them, or can't remember how to use them right now. So of course, at some point in the series he will recover the powers and end up happily-ever-after with Yuna, who equally obviously is the girl from the vision. Snore!

For fans of this stuff, there are plenty of scenes of well-filled lingerie, classrooms being blown up by spells, coolly indifferent teachers and all the standard "Anime 101" high school high jinks paraphernalia. But this is not the show to go to for anything original or unique. I'm certainly not going to waste any more bandwidth on "Maburaho".
(Dave Baranyi)

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Date 2003 Oct 14 -
Broadcaster WoWoW
Animation JC Staff
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