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Title (English) Macross Plus (movie)
Title (Japanese) Macross Plus

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes 4 OVA series, 1994-95, also reworked as movie. The OVAs are about 40 mins each. Movie is 114 mins.
UK: Macross Plus, the movie, (Manga Video), 114 mins, cert PG, 13.99
UK: Macross Plus - Part 4 (Manga Video), 35 mins, cert 12, 9.99.
Classification -
Synopsis Two pilots and love rivals are in a race to be top pilot on a new project. The girl they love, Myung, has given up her dream of being a singer and is programmer for Sharon Apple, a cybernetic pop-star. However Sharon has been given too much sentience, and things go awry.
Review Movie review
Reworked version of the 4 OVAs, with additional animation. Fine action story, with great flight sequences, and the inevitable Macross love triangle. The characters initially appear unlikeable, but Myung is the best of the bunch. If you are looking for a message, there is one, that we shouldn't leave powerful and unscrupulous men to play with technology that has war potential. The preview tape is subtitled!! - so presumably it will be available in dubbed and subbed versions. A surround sound setup will be essential to audition this as the makers intended, and without it most of the impact is lost. It also contains some very fine animation.

Episodes 4
Release UK:VHS, US:DVD
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1994-5
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