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Title (English) 3x3 Eyes, part 3
Title (Japanese) Sazan aizu

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes 3x3 EYES part 3 (Manga Video, 47 mins, cert 15, 9.99)
Part of 3x3 Eyes second series.
Classification -
Review Just so you are thoroughly confused, this is the third tape in the UK releases, but a translation of the fifth Japanese video, and covers some events in "Part 2" of the original manga series, some four years after the events in Hong Kong which culminate in Pai's disappearance in a violent explosion. Pai has entirely lost her memory, and is living as a Japanese schoolgirl with an old couple who claim to he her grandparents. Yakumo has been wandering and searching for Pai for the last four years. On the same day he sees her picture in a men's magazine and then spots Pai herself. So, unfortunately, do the demons, and a series of battles with a collection of malign dolls erupts. This is a predictably disappointing continuation of the SAZAN EYES series, by a different director. It has been seriously cute-ified and lacks much of the snap of the earlier scripts, even compared with the earlier dub versions. Along with her memory, Pai seems to have lost much of her character! The first four 30min. episodes followed the manga fairly closely, asides from some severe compression, but this episode seems to be a very loose adaptation. Nor does it have the lovely soundtrack music of the earlier videos. There's also a real error, with Yakumo repeatedly saying that he first met Pai in Hong Kong! I wouldn't want to put you off completely, but this is fairly average stuff. 3x3 EYES #5 (Manga Video, 50 mins, cert 15, 9.99) The third of the 'new' Sazan Eyes videos, in which the resurrection of the dark lord Kuei-Yan-Wang draws near, and the destruction of the world as we know it is at hand. Only Pai, last of the Sanjiyan, and her follower Yakumo Fuji have any hope of stopping Wang's "Wu", the powerful Benares. Pai and Yakumo, accompanied by an Australian treasure hunter, reach the dead city of the Sanjiyan, destroyed centuries earlier by their malevolent lord Kaiyanwan. The inevitable final battle occurs. It's quite adequately animated and has plenty of violent action, but storywise is as unconvincing as only bad fantasy can be. The conclusion was convoluted and rather feeble. I don't like the new Pai chracter, or the script. All the new characters seem to be "types" rather than characters in their own right. (compare, for instance, Pai's two tiresomely cute schoolfriends with the group of school students in the original series). The story, incidentally, is based very loosely on the manga version. Altogether this 3-part set is much inferior to the original 4 part 3x3 Eyes (issued by Manga Video as two 1-hour parts)
Episodes 3
Release US:DVD, UK:VHS
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1995
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