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Title (English) Tenchimuyo OVAs
Title (Japanese) Tenchimuyo!

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes First series = 6 OVAs (Pioneer, 1992), then various sequels and spin-offs, (including TV series & movies).
Classification -
Synopsis Average boy plagued by powerful young women from space.

Tenchimuyo (Pioneer) vols 5,6,7, cert.PG, 10.99 or 12.99 ea.
Tenchi Vol.#5: contains Tenchi #8 "Hello Baby" & Mihoshi Special.,56m,PG, 10.99
Tenchi Vol #6: contains T#9 "Sasami & Tsunami", T#10 "I Love Tenchi", T#11 "The Advent of the Goddess", 84m, PG, 10.99.
Tenchi Vol. #7 (90m, 12.99) contains eps 12 "Zero Ryoko" and 13 "Here Comes Jurai"
I can't remember what happens in each of these but I think they include the "bringing up baby" episode. "Tenchimuyo" is great fun but after a while one finds one has seen enough. How much is enough for you?

TENCHIMUYO SPECIAL "The Night Before the Carnival" (Pioneer, 45 mins, cert 12, #12.99)
A complete story signalling the increasingly domestic tone evident in later episodes of this popular science-fantasy comedy series. Aeka and Ryoko battle for Tenchi's attention while scheming to get rid of the insufferable Mihoshi. Meanwhile Ms. Washu experiments on Tenchi, and Ryo-Ohki multiplies and steals carrots. Good fun, but it's advisable to have seen the initial three-volume set.
Episodes 13
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1992-
Production Pioneer
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