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Title (English) AD Police
Title (Japanese) AD Police

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes AD POLICE #1,2,3 (Manga Video) 26 mins ea., cert 18, 6.99.
Classification -
Review The 3 part series is set in the same world as Bubblegum Crisis, released by rival subtitling label Anime Projects.
However for no sensible reason MV have dubbed the androids "Voomers", rather than "Boomers". This is quite a
decent series, taking as its theme (as in BLADERUNNER, to which it owes an obvious visual and thematic debt)
the uncomfortably narrow boundary between human and machine displayed by advanced androids.
In #1, policeman Leon has to deal with Boomers which lose control and go on destructive rampages. It turns
out that the Boomers have been abused. There is only the slight suspicion that the plot has been written so as to
let the hero shoot some women. In #2, a female executive, subjected to competitive stress, replaces too many of
her female organs with synthetic Boomeroid substitutes, with violent and tragic results. A young policewoman
too is tempted to undergo replacement surgery for a minor eye complaint. When I saw an American subtitled
version of this, it struck me as one of the most sophisticated and moving pieces of animation I had ever seen,
showing a female perspective on the future, but the dubbing diminishes it considerably to something rather

Episodes 3
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1990-05-25 to 1990-11-22
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