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Title (English) Kekko Kamen
Title (Japanese) Kekko Kamen

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes 2 OVAs, Go Nagai/Dynamic Planning, 1991/2
US:AD Vision 1992
Original characters by Go Nagai.
Classification -
Review KEKKO KAMEN vol. 1 (East2West, 45 mins, cert. 18, 10.99)
This title has achieved a small notoriety in some anime fan circles, as a very naughty video, which is how the distributors are trying to market it. Essentially, the story is about a school where all the teachers are sex perverts and have a torture chamber in the basement which is used for discipline The frailer pupils are protected from the worst depredations of the perverts by a female crusader, Kekko Kamen (=Beautiful Mask) , the "Messenger of Love and Justice", clad in a mask and boots AND NOTHING ELSE. In fact the video turns out to be much milder than I imagined it might be, as it scarcely goes beyond smutty adolescent humour. "Schoolboy humour" sums up the whole thing, though a few scenes are indeed very funny. That said, I thought parts of it were in rather poor taste - do we need any jokes about Nazis and concentration camps, and is tying up schoolgirls and hurting them supposed to be entertainment? Some anime does not travel well, methinks. But I think I've said enough for you to know what to do next; fume with outrage , ignore it, or go out and buy it.
Episodes 2
Release UK:VHS, US:VHS
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1991-2
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