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Title (English) Macross Plus
Title (Japanese) Macross Plus

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes 4 OVAs. The OVAs are about 40 mins each.
There is also a Macross Plus movie edition.
Classification -
Review MACROSS PLUS: Part One (Manga Video, 9.99)
Lavishly produced latest in the MACROSS saga, this time about rival teams of varitech fighter developers. It has excellent animation, with superb aerial combat sequences, and the dubbing is so good that few viewers would stop to think that there had been a Japanese language original.Unfortunately the attention given to production values has designed the life out of the characters, leaving collections of unconvincing motivations and attributes who don't come to life on screen. This was certainly not a trait of earlier incarnations of MACROSS, as even when the characters were as irritating as Sylvie and Hibiki in MACROSS II, one could not help but think of them as real persons. By all means see this for the production values. I, however, was not tempted to see more.
OVA 4 review:
Long - delayed conclusion of series. Manga Plus! A very well produced video, with some excellent animation including striking battle scenes, and the sort of dubbing that banishes any thought of a Japanese original. As for the soundtrack, though neither the press nor the sleeve mention "surround", the tape has just about the most prominent surround effects I have ever encountered. It's essential that the tape be auditioned in Surround, as the difference between the linear mono track and the hi-fi/surround tracks is the difference between "average" and "awesome". However, the male characters are unsympathetic and rather cardboard.

Episodes 4
Release US:DVD, UK:VHS
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1994-08-25
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