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Title (English) Phoenix 2772 - Space Firebird
Title (Japanese) Hi no Tori 2772: Ai no Cosmozone

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes = Space Firebird, 122 mins.
Classification -
Review SPACE FIREBIRD (Western Connection, 115m, cert.U, 12.99)
A rarely seen classic of animation by anime pioneer Osamu Tezuka, this was originally made in 1980, and is part of Tezuka's Phoenix cycle, which focuses on reincarnation and man's place in the universe. The story is fanciful and of childish simplicity and the whole piece carries an air of innocence that is rarely, if ever, encountered in contemporary anime. A youth born into a dehumanizing future society is trained to be a space pilot but is disgusted to find that his mission is mainly to kill alien beings. He is offered the mission of capturing the Space Firebird, for the benefit of his masters, but revolts, and is flung into prison. The hero is accompanied throughout by his faithful friend, the robot girl Ogra The robot is capable of some startling transformations, and the animation evokes the science fiction trappings with some amusing and inventive touches of Tezuka's own. The animation has worn well and still looks good, but the dubbing is probably the worst ever inflicted on an English-speaking audience.
So why buy this? It's a very enjoyable film, and if you're an animation buff you'll want to see some of Tezuka's best work, and if you like art it's probably cheaper than an Athena print, and hopefully your kids should like it.
Release UK:VHS
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Date 1980
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