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Title (English) Macross - Do You Remember Love
Title (Japanese) Chojiku Yosai Ai Oboete Imasu Ka

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Movie, 116 mins.
US & UK dub & sub, several variant versions.
Classification -
Review CLASH OF THE BIONOIDS (Kiseki), 116m, cert PG,
the movie spin-off from the original MACROSS Japanese
TV series. There are several versions of the movie and
this is the shorter one adapted for the American market.
Visually it seems to differ little from the shorter (117m)
Japanese edition, except for the titles and the fact that in
the Japanese edition the aliens' dialogue is subtitled - in
Japanese. An extended, 2 1/4hr version also exists and
Kiseki may use this as the basis of a subtitled release of
Feb.1995. So if you don't like dubbing you should wait
for that.
This is rather different from most anime that has been
released in the UK so far! Two hours of SF adventure
intertwined with a triangle love story, played straight (i.e.
no comedy) and with a sex & violence rating low enough
to earn it a cert. PG, and lavishly animated. And all the
characters are at least young adults.
The story starts at the point where the giant battleship
MACROSS is fighting near Saturn and has been out of
touch with Earth for some time.
During an attack, impetuous space pilot Hikaru
disobeys the orders of his superior, Lieutenant Misa
Hayase and consequently is able to rescue singer Lynn
During the subsequent action, Hikaru becomes
emotionally involved with two quite different women, the
fun-loving singer and the severe officer Misa Hayase.
And the bionoids? The aliens comprise not one but two
forces, the Zentradi and the Meltrandi, both bio-
engineered and at war with each other as well as with
Earth. The plot has much to do with alien culture; there
are scenes in which the Zentradi puzzle over Terran
artefacts or are bewildered by song broadcasts, but it
would be unfair to give too much away. There are a
number of points which would presumably have been
familiar to Japanese viewers (or readers of the fan script
translation) but are unclear in BIONOIDS: One of the
female Meltrandi attackers, Miria 639, on the Zentradi
ship reappears in later scenes with the Macross fighter
pilot Max. In the final battle a split develops between
compromise and perpetual war factions in the Zentradi; a
key sequence is an attack on the flagship Boldoza which
happens to be an intelligent organic warship.
The dubbing, which probably is that done by the
Japanese using American voice actors, is acceptable, with
all the major persona sounding in character. It preserves
the Japanese versions of the character names, and the
prominently featured Japanese songs (not subtitled). It's a
fairly exciting, if not over-plotted story and has, in pilot
Hikaru, Misa Hayase and singer Lynn Minmay, three
interesting and quite believable principal characters. The
animation, intended to be seen on a big screen, looks a
bit cramped and lacking in crispness on video but there is
some excellent art in the 'city' sequence 1hr 3mins
onwards. Indeed, this section, once seen on a big screen,
is alone enough to sell the video.
This is distinctly better and more serious than
MACROSS II and goes a long way to explaining why the
original MACROSS was so popular in Japan. Verdict:
worth a look, but if you want a more literal, possibly
expanded and less dumbed-down version, wait for the
subtitled edition (and write to Kiseki encouraging them
to issue it).
Release US:VHS, UK:VHS
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1984-07-07
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