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Title (English) Magic Knight Rayearth
Title (Japanese) Magic Knight Rayearth

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes From the manga by CLAMP, published in Nakayoshi magazine.
Genre(s): fantasy, giant robots

Classification shoujo
Synopsis In this popular TV anime by CLAMP, three ordinary Japanese schoolgirls, on a visit to Tokyo Tower are transported to the magical world of Sephiro where they soon discover that the princess Emerald needs their help to defeat evil forces which threaten to destroy that world altogether. The Princess, who is supposed to maintain the peace of Sephiro with her will power, has been unable to fulfill her duty, because she has been captured by the priest Zagato.

The three girls, Hikaru(light), Umi(ocean), and Fuu(wind), gain more elaborate armour and weapons as they battle ever-stronger opponents.They have to last long enough to become Magic Knights, armed with special weapons forged from a legendary mineral. Only then will they be powerful enough to defeat the evil mage. With the wizard Clef's guidance, the three girls set out on a journey to save Sephiro from destruction.

Review To enjoy this series it is probably best to make the effort to immerse yourself in a substantial part of it, and be aware of how the characters develop during the series.

Otherwise you may find it rather superficial stuff, as witness the following original review and counter-attack:
"This series is pretty enough, and quite fun, but contains nothing that would cause one to rate it as essential viewing. There is neither depth of characterisation nor any startlingly unusual ingredients."
A message of dissent: " I think your review of "Magic Knight RayEarth" is unduly harsh and dead wrong. I found the story, particularly its conclusion, to be very compelling and the characters to be as well developed as those in some of the best shoujo series available. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu as well as the supporting cast are interesting people with quirks and faults who, ultimately are profoundly affected by the events of the story. This series is deservedly a classic and a must-see."

An RPG oriented story targeted at girls, this show moves at a swift pace. The plot focuses on the three girls' friendship and psychological development, while maintaining a high degree of action. Although classified as a Magical Girl's show, many people agree that it has the best Mecha designs among current shows, which are featured in the well-received OP animation and will appear later in the story. The story closely follows the original manga by CLAMP. (PEL)

BTW, the Turkish TV edition has credits in English and gives the girls silly English names, suggesting that it is adapted from a US release. Girl archer.

Credits Creator(s): CLAMP (Apapa Mokona, Nanase Okawa, Mikku Nekoi, Satsuki Igarashi)
Voice Actors (regular characters): Hekiru Shiina (Hikaru Shidou), Konami Yoshida (Umi Ryuuzaki), Hiroko Kasahara (Fuu Hououji), Yuri Shiratori (Mokona and Primera), Takumi Yamazaki (Ferio), Nozomu Sasaki (Clef), Hideyuki Tanaka (Rayearth), Akio Ohtsuka (Windham), Tessho Genda (Ceres), Megumi Ogata (Princess Emeraude), Juhrouta Kosugi (Zagato), Yuri Amano (Alcione), Minami Takayama (Ascot), Minami Takayama (Ascot), Yuko Nagashima (Caldina), Yukimasa Kishino (Lafarga)
See also Magic Knight Rayearth 2 & the entry in my "Satellite TV Anime"
Episodes 20
Release US:DVD
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1994 October 17 - 1995 March 13
Production Tokyo Movie Shinsha
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