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Title (English) Kamasutra
Title (Japanese) Kama Sutra Kyuukyoku no Sex Adventure

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes OVA, KAMASUTRA, (Western
Connection), subtitled, 43 mins, cert 18, 12.99
Classification -
Review No prizes for guessing what this video is about, so if
you are over 18 and like sex, read on. It's from an
original story by Go Nagai, who is well known in anime
circles as the creator of such videos as 'Devilman'. On the
sleeve Helen Mc Carthy (editor of Anime UK magazine)
is quoted as saying 'He knows what he likes. He likes
sex. He likes violence and this has both.' Actually, as
applied to KAMASUTRA, which isn't particularly
violent, this is a little misleading, though it sums up the
rest of Go Nagai's work well enough. The hero is ar-
chaeologist Ryu Aikawa, a 19 year old Japanese,
handsome but sexually inexperienced, with at least two
women eager to complete his education. The story is set
in modern India, and concerns the unfreezing of the
beautiful Princess Syria who has been encased in ice for
over 1500 years. A cup filled with sexual fluids helps
bring her back to life. However evil forces are plotting to
seize the princess and the love cup. The action is fairly
amusing and attractively animated, and while the English
in the subtitles is sometimes a little odd (apparently it was
titled by one of the Western Connection directors, a
former Yugoslav) this does not detract from one's
The sex in KAMASUTRA is, well, relatively explicit, but there is
nothing nasty and there is no sexual violence. In fact the
18 certificate seems entirely due to British prudery. Not
an anime classic, but if you're broadminded why not give
it a try?
Credits (dir.Masayuki Ozeki)
Release UK:VHS
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1991
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