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Title (English) Tenchimuyo
Title (Japanese) Tenchimuyo!

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes The 6 originating OVAs, 30 mins each.
Classification -
Synopsis Tenchi is a
typical Japanese high school student who find himself in a
whole heap of trouble when, on summer vacation with
his grandfather, he unleashes a demon which his
forefather had imprisoned in a shrine 700 years earlier.
Review TENCHIMUYO, roughly translated, means "No Need
for Tenchi" or "good for nothing Tenchi".
The series follows Tenchi's adventures while he battles
with the beautiful and mischievous demon Ryoko and
meets the other strange characters who also want to see
Ryoko back in her eternal prison.
In episode 1, Tenchi disobeys orders to enter an old
shrine, finds an ancient sword hilt and unwittingly
releases the demon. When he returns to school the
demon follows him there. She battles with Tenchi in the
deserted halls of the school. Just as he faces defeat, the
sword he removed from the shrine reveals its magical
powers and Ryoko disappears, only to reappear later in
Tenchi's bed!
In episode 2, Tenchi discovers that Ryoko is from outer
space and wants his magic sword. Meanwhile, Aeka,
crown princess of the planet Jurai travels to earth in
search of her fiancee Yosho who had disappeared years
before following a battle with Ryoko. From space, Aeka
spies Ryoko who is desperately trying to raise her own
spaceship Ryo- Oki. Aeka takes both Ryoko and Tenchi
prisoner on her ship and there they meet SASAMI,
Aeka's cute little sister who innocently releases them. On
being told that Yosho is long dead, an enraged Aeka
battles with Ryoko until both ships fall to Earth and are
destroyed. Now Tenchi has even more house guests!
In episode 3, Ryoko is still trying to find the magic
sword. Aeka despairs of ever returning to her home
planet. One day Ryoko comes home with a big black egg
which hatches a cute kitten-like animal. To annoy Aeka
she claims that she and Tenchi are its parents. Actually,
the egg was produced by Ryoko's ship and will grow up
to be just like it. Later, they travel to the mountains
where Tenchi's grandfather lives. An opportunity for
Tenchi and Aeka's love to blossom presents itself. Later,
they come across a tree which Aeka realises is Yosho's
spaceship transformed. She realises that Yosho impri-
soned Ryoko in the first place and returns the sword to
Tenchi- Yosho's descendant.
In episode 4, two new characters are introduced. The
much wanted space bandit Kagato is heading towards
earth and the utterly incompetent MIHOSHI,
granddaughter of the Galaxy Police commissioner, is sent
to capture him. Back on earth, Tenchi and the girls are
visiting a hot spring resort. Mihoshi's ship falls to earth
and she is saved by Tenchi.
This is a series that everyone interested in science
fantasy or anime ought to watch! If it doesn't make you
an anime addict, nothing will... The soundtracks also are
excellent and viewing with hi-fi stereo is recommended.
TENCHIMUYO is also a hit in Japan and is one of the
very few video releases to be commissioned for TV - the
series should start autumn 1994.
It is also a big hit with English-speaking fans and the
bilingual closed caption laserdisk sold well enough in the
USA to prompt the release of dubbed & subtitled tapes.
TENCHIMUYO (Pioneer) vol 3 (eps.5,6), 60 mins, cert
PG, 12.99
In episodes 5 and 6 the showdown battle with space
criminal Kagato takes place and there are a few surprises.
The English (or rather, Canadian) dubbing is quite good;
clearly a lot of work went into it. I'm not sure about the
voice of Aeka, who doesn't sound dignified enough, but I
really liked the voice of Wasyuu. The dialogue sounds
colloquially American, but in fact it sticks very closely to
a fan script I have for these episodes.
Episodes 6
Release UK:VHS, US:DVD
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1992
Production AIC, Pioneer
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