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Title (English) Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Title (Japanese) Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Movie (2 hrs).
"Warriors of the Wind" is the 90 min. English version.
Classification -
Review Literally, "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind". Considered by some to be Miyazaki's best, and one of the finest animated movies ever. Princess Nausicaa lives in a world of the future, devastated by war and pollution, and slowly regenerating itself into a rather alien place, infested with giant insects. Meanwhile the surviving humans continue attempts to destroy each other. Nausicaa has to help her people when they are invaded, and overcome hatred and violence, not least within herself. The sound-track music is very fine too.
The English dubbed version, "Warriors of the Wind" while cheap and easier to obtain, has lost half an hour of the more subtle and ecological material and isn't in widescreen. You owe it to yourself to view the original.

NAUSICAA is an anime classic directed by famous
animation director Hayao Miyazaki.
WARRIORS OF THE WIND (First Independent), 94
mins, cert U, 5.99
Re-release of cut and dubbed version of Miyuzaki's
famous NAUSICAA. 1000 years in the future the Earth
has been devastated by war and pollution. Only in the
Valley of the Wind is there peace and clean land. An
enemy ship crash-lands and brings with it a whole train of
evils including invasion. Princess Zandra/Nausicaa
escapes to the toxic jungle, infested by giant insects, and
begins the struggle to remove the invaders. The
animation is superb, and it's cheap, so if you can't get the
original uncut Japanese version (not sold in UK), get this.

Credits See for full details.
Release UK:VHS(cut), Jap:VHS
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1984
Production Toei
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