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Title (English) Ai no Kusabi
Title (Japanese) Ai no Kusabi

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes a.k.a. Ties of Love
From a manga by YOSHIHARA Rieko, published in Shousetsu June magazine.
Classification shoujo
Synopsis Riki, a human from a poor district, is adopted as a 'pet' by Iason, a wealthy and powerful android. Riki is allowed to return for a while to his gang, and his human boyfriend, but he and Iason cannot stay apart. Clashing emotions of love, hate and betrayal ensue. (GC)

Iason is one of the elite in a future world-the elite are known collectively as Blondies, and Riki is a slum kid, the leader of a gang called the Bisons. When they meet, it's reluctant love at first sight, and eventually Riki becomes Iason's 'pet'-complete with pet ring, which dispenses pain or ecstasy at the owner's will. Their relationship is disapproved of by everyone, but most violently by Riki's old friend (and lover) Guy. I wouldn't call it S&M, there is a lot of mental angst, but it's pretty much evenly distributed. (MAK)

Review An intriguing bishonen ai story set in the future, in a rigid class society. There are also some exciting pieces in the way of fights, hoverbike races, aerial views of the city and such which are well animated.
An interesting work, regarded by some as a classic. You need to see a subtitled version (or be fluent in Japanese) otherwise you miss much of the story.(GC)

I'd say that this is the best of the shonenai videos done to date-the animation is beautiful (although sometimes the body proportions are way off, especially necks...), the story is excellent, the characters are interesting. It's also quite graphic-the 2nd more so than the first. It's also very expensive, at 13,500 yen each. Character design and artwork by ONDA Naoyuki. For adults only. (MAK)

Credits Dir: Akira Nishmori, Kazuhito Akiyama
Des: Katsumi Michihara, Naoyuki Onda.
Episodes 2
Release Jap:VHS
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1992
Production AIC
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