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Title (English) Kayoko's Diary
Title (Japanese) Ushiro no shomen da are

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Movie, 90 mins. A.k.a. "Someone at my Shoulder"
Classification -
Synopsis Kayoko lives in 1940 Tokyo in a poor extended family. By 1944 she is forced to evacuate to rural Numazu to live with her aunt.
On March 10 1945 the sky glows with the light of American bombing. All Kayoko's family is killed in the raid except her brother Kisaburo, and she returns to her old home to say goodbye to her childhood.
Review USHIRO NO SHOMEN DA ARE (=Look Back From Here), Chohen Animation Movie, 90 mins.
This one is so obscure that I had to have a go at translating the title myself. The character designs look very like those of a Studio Ghibli production. Set before and during World War II, it shows Japanese domestic life through the eyes of a small girl, Kayoko. The title evidently derives from a childrens' circle game and song which is shown at the opening of the movie. (The song and game are similar to the one featured in DOOMED MEGALAPOLIS).
Initially charming in its portrayal of the children, the mood gradually darkens as the off-stage war gathers momentum and Japan suffers military reverses. Lavishly animated, gripping and full of historical and cultural interest, this is a great movie that bears some comparison with the Miyazaki movies and with TOMBSTONE OF THE FIREFLIES.

Credits Dir: Seiji Arihara
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1991
Production Mushi Pro
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