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Title (English) Laputa
Title (Japanese) Tenku no Shiro Laputa

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Movie, 124 mins, 1986
Classification -
Review Laputa (Tenku no Shiro Laputa), 124m ,1986. Literally "Laputa, Castle of the Sky". Info. Another masterpiece, again featuring Miyazaki's fascination with flight. Sheeta falls to earth from an airship attacked by air pirates, and is found by an orphan boy, Pazu. There follows an action-packed chase as Sheeta is pursued by both the pirates and the secret police, who want the "levitation stone" she wears around her neck, a key to the mysterious flying island,Laputa. Muska, the leader of the secret police, is, like Sheeta, a descendant of the rulers of Laputa. Will cute Sheeta melt the pirates' grasping hearts?
Everything is perfectly realised, from the mining village (inspired by a visit to Britain), to the airships, to the vegetation.
Incredibly, this has never been released in the West, asides from two showings on British TV in 1989 & 1992. The dub version I've seen plainly derives from this screening.
Mark Deli One of several fan sites

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Release UK:TV, Jap:DVD
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Date 1986
Production Studio Ghibli
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