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Title (English) Magical Fairy Persia
Title (Japanese) Mahou no Yousei Perusia (Pelsia)

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Fantasy Novel

Notes It.= "Evelyn...amore", Fr.= "Vanessa et la magie des reves bleus".
A shoujo magical-girl anime.
From a shoujo manga by AONUMA Taeko, published in Margaret magazine.
LD box (J): 12 LD 1140 min. [Shoujo Anime List]
Classification shoujo
Synopsis This starts in a thoroughly confusing manner which is probably assuming that you have read the manga! So far as I can figure out, a Japanese family find the cute, bouncy and naive 11 year old 'Persia' in Africa and bring her back to Japan, where they are already running the Persia Cafe (duh?). Persia also has a magical hairband and a trio of Kappas, and her mission is to bring love and warmth to the land of dreams (no progress on that in the first 4 episodes.) In Africa she was wearing an animal skin and running around with the animals, so in Japan she is a bit of a handful. There are twin brothers who take care of her when her parents are working.
Persia can transform herself into an "older" girl, who has red hair. She also has a pet lion (from Africa) which she magically brought over and shrunk down to pussycat size!

Perusha has a strange animal (a lion who lived with Perusha in Africa and now transformed into a talking stuffed toy, so he can still be around Perusha without causing too much trouble) as a friend. A sort of Minky Momo, she gets transformed into a pretty woman, with various dress. (RIV)

Review A funny and charming shoujo anime. I've watched some more of it in the Italian-dubbed edition, and while it loses something in translation, it's still not bad. Post-adolescent male viewers may appreciate the scene where the "older" Persia appears at a skating rink -gorgeous! It is a series of self-contained episodes, not a serial.

This is the second `magical girl' series produced by Studio Pierrot, I believe (the first one is "Creamy Mami"), and loosely based on the manga version. In the manga version, her boyfriend had no twin brother. Animater Yumiko Horasawa made her mark on this anime by her superb drawing quality. (AAK) Rating ***

Persia's creatures

Credits Creator(s): Taeko Aonuma
Animator(s): Yumiko Horasawa
Episodes 45
Release It:TV, Jap:LD
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1984 July 6 - 1985 May 31
Production Studio Pierrot
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