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Title (English) Tekkaman Blade

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes A.K.A. "Teknoman"; American edition made by Saban Entertainment; Number of episodes: 49 (this edition 42); Genres: space, robot;
Classification -
Synopsis Bug-like aliens attack Earth in an attempt to make it a home for their alien biology. The Earth's defences include a space station that forms a continuous ring about the planet, and a process that turns the body of the hero, Blade, into a space-going battle robot. Most battles take place just outside the annular space station.
Review (Review of Saban's American edition, dubbed into Polish).
An interesting series, with relatively detailed and realistic character designs. You'll find no huge eyes here. I thought that the designs make it look older than it actually is.The men have longish hair and some of the girls wear miniskirts. The hardware looks quite convincing, as these things go. It looks like a lot of effort went into the animation. However the idea of the hero's transformation into a robot seems a bit fanciful, since he turns into a very mechanical-looking robot, all joints and sharp fins. Furthermore it's clearly an excuse to have robots doing that medaeval knight stuff with large hand weapons. The term "Space Knight" actually appears in the script as the name of part of the defence establishment.
The action looks interesting (even in Polish) with a strong sense of character development. The space battles do seem to repeat the same elements from episode to episode. There's lots of hacking and splatting, and rocketing around, an arrowhead weapon assembles itself, and Blade nearly gets overcome by the bugs (in each episode).
This edition credits the American scriptwriters and technicians in great detail, before grudgingly admitting to "underlying material by Tatsunoko".
Credits Production Company (original): Tatsunoko Productions; Dates: February 18, 1992-February 2, 1993; American edition made by Saban Entertainment; Number of episodes: 49 (this edition 42); Series Director: Hiroshi Negishi; Genres: space, robot
Episodes 49
Release US:TV, US:DVD, Pol:TV
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1992 February 18 - 1993 February 2
Production Tatsunoko Productions
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