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Title (English) Alice
Title (Japanese) Alice

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes New Movie, 2001, featuring 3DCG
Classification -
Synopsis The movie has a very simplistic sci-fi plot. A girl from today finds herself mysteriously in a very strange future in which an evil army and a competing evil computer are both vying to capture her. The girl is saved by a humanoid waitress robot (who happens to have some very high powered weapons tucked under the skin of her arms) and a local boy who like to tinker with robots. The plot goes through a lot of typical "chase, capture, escape" routines and everything is resolved neatly at the end.
Review Those of you who browse the online "import" anime stores may have seen a recent notice about the release of a fully 3DCG anime movie called "Alice".
Well, thanks to the Japanese satellite channel, The Kids Station", and my friend in Japan I got to watch "Alice" this evening. And, thank God, I didn't pay the Japanese DVD price for it. (BTW - for those who think about it, trading tapes isn't "free", particularly with the cost of air postage to Japan and back, but it still beats shelling out tons of money for an unknown show.)
I can best describe "Alice" as looking like sort of a cross between "Star Wars", "Tron" and "Thunderbirds". The general 3DCG is good, but the characters look like rubber puppets, despite all the CPU churning that is evident in the efforts to show facial expressions and emotion. The movie is set in Lapland in winter, so it also reminds me of some of those old stop-action animated 1960's "Santa" TV movies.
So, what is my recommendation? Well, if you want to see some fairly nice state-of-the-art-then 3DCG, and you can rent or borrow a copy of "Alice", it's not a bad time waster. But I'm glad that I didn't pay big bucks to see it.
Dave Baranyi
Release Jap:DVD?
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Date 2001
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