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Title (English) Angel's Egg
Title (Japanese) Tenshi no Tamago
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Notes Movie, Studio Deen, Tokuma Shoten 1985, 70 mins
Oshii also directed Patlabor 1&2, & Ghost in the Shell.
Classification -
Synopsis Girl wanders around a city inhabited only by phantoms, clutching a giant egg. A youth descends from an armoured train of vehicles and meets the girl. He follows her. He asks her what the egg will hatch. She shows him a fossilised bird.
Eventually, the youth smashes the egg while the girl is asleep, but it is empty.
Review An anime like no other, in which a young white-haired girl, who may be an angel, wanders around a city which is ruined and seemingly inhabited only by phantoms, who march past, or hunt aereal fish. A spacecraft covered with statues descends into the sea. A white-haired youth appears, descending from an unexplained train of armoured machines. He carries a jagged object that could be a weapon or a cross. There is hardly any dialogue, but in what there is, the youth asks the girl what the egg will hatch into. He talks about Noah's Ark, and we infer that some regenerative mission has failed.
This is a slow-paced movie, full of cryptic imagery and Christian symbolism, and carries a very downbeat impression of Christianity. No hope is expressed.
The movie is beautifully made and will doubtless appeal to those who enjoy decoding cryptic symbolism.
Credits Dir: Mamoru Oshii
Screeplay: Mamoru Oshii
Release Jap:LD, AU:VHS, IT:VHS
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Date 1985
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