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Title (English) Agent Aika #2
Title (Japanese) Aika

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes OVA, 80 mins. (part of 6 part x30 min. series?) Graviton/Bandai Visual
Classification -
Synopsis Aika Sumeragi works with the father-daughter team of Gozo and Rion Aida, and Gust Turbulence. The year is 2036. They are raising artefacts from the submerged ruins of Tokyo. Aika is pursued by an organisation who want to find out the secret of her strength.
Review More of the gussetry-obsessed adventure series. This time the gorgeous Aika is pursued by an all-woman organisation intent on finding the secret of her strength and fighting powers. This movie-length outing falls into several sections in each of which the opponents try to capture or disable Aika.
In the second section, Aika and her companions are lured to a base where Aika is put through a series of tests and embarrassing examinaions. Belatedly they realise that matters are not what they seem and make their exit. It seems that Aika shares my difficulty in remembering briefly met faces!
In each section Aika fights with a young woman called Bianca, (not an altogether unsympathetic character) who usually wears a yellow dress.
Aika also has the power to transform into an even more gorgeous and powerful super-heroine.
It's all very lightweight, with the adventures and fights being largely an excuse to cram in as many views of gussetry (ie young women viewed from underneath) as possible. Also most of them wear miniskirts so short they don't even cover the crotch region. It's all quite harmless stuff though, with only mild nudity and no sex and little innuendo. (It's notably milder in this regard than the earlier bundling of Agent Aika episodes.) There's a fair amount of humour. Bianca gets her own spoof "Magical Girl" transformation scene when she reveals her identity at one point!
Verdict - trivial stuff but should sufficiently amuse post-pubescent teenage boys.
Credits Dir. Katsuhiko Nishijima
Prod: Graviton/Bandai Visual
Episodes 6
Release Jap., Ger:TV, US:DVD
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1997
Production Graviton, Bandai Visual
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