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Title (English) Tales of Yajikita College
Title (Japanese) Yaji Kita Gakuen Douchuuki

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes From the manga by SHITOU Ryouko, published in Bonita magazine.
OVA, 2x 40 mins.
Classification shoujo
Synopsis Yaki and Jita are two high school girls who somehow find themselves changing school often together because, where ever they go, they get involved in school trouble and they end up fighting them, ergo having to leave the school to avoid complications later. Yes, our Yajima Junko, aka Yaji-san, and Shinokita Reiko, aka Kita-san, are majorly skilled in fight martial arts. The basic premises of this serial type series is, "Yaji and Kita transfers to another high school, find that they again end up in the same school unintentionally, gets involved in trouble (again), they fight to correct it (again), and then move on (again) because either a) they are forced by the school principal, or b) they decide they should move, or c) they attract too much followers after their bravado that they need to escape fast." (MIN)
Review It is, at the essence, a tv jidaigeki (historical theatrics) parody. Adding spice to the story, Yaji-san usually attracts kobuns (male henchmen) because she has the anego-hada (sisterly disposition), and Kita-san attracts lots of females because she is most wonderful in shorts and pants and hair down!!!! It's cruelty to us Kita-san fan to have her wear skirts, hair pulled up and with glasses!!!! Kita-san usually attracts female because, in all essence, she is the most perfect male whose gender is female. OAV 1 has original story while OAV 2 is loosely based upon manga story episode 2. (MIN) Rating ****
Credits Dir: Osamu Yamazaki, Yoshihisa Matsumoto
Des: Minoru Yamazawa
Episodes 2
Release Jap:VHS
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1989,91
Production JC Staff
Animation Minoru Yamazawa
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