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Title (English) Magic Users Club
Title (Japanese) Mahou Tsukai Tai

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Six-episode OVA series. There is also a TV series (a sequel to the OVAs).
Classification shoujo
Synopsis Aliens of immense power invade Earth, and destroy the Earth's military forces. However they soon settle down to a peaceful observation of Earth life.
The Magic Users Club of one Japanese highschool is not happy with this, and sets out to destroy the aliens.

In one of the episodes I've seen, the Magic Club characters have a beach party and fly around on broomsticks, in another Akane is kidnapped from school by an alien robot.

Review Funny, if not very convincing. The girls have nice character designs.
This show is quite ecchi - there is quite a lot of mild fan-service in the OVA episodes, and plenty of shots that are not revealing, just suggestive, like the bikini-clad girl riding a broomstick.
The OVA episodes were shown on Catalan TV as part of a TV run, but don't look suitable for small children, unless you want then asking embarrassing questions about why that boy has a nosebleed, or why the characters are getting red-faced, or just where that stray broom handle got stuck.

Despite its bizarre premise - aliens + magic - this show looks quite well made and well-designed, and has had good reviews elsewhere.

Credits Director: Junichi Sato
Character design: Ikuko Iko
Episodes 6
Release US:
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1996
Production Gainax
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