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Title (English) Abandoned little cat Tora
Title (Japanese) Suteneko Tora-chan

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Movie, 24 mins, first shown 1947-09-25, b/w
Classification -
Synopsis Plot Summary: A Mother and her Kittens were taking a walk when they came upo a hungry Tora-Chan. Giving the kittens their lunch which consisted of milk, she took the remainder of the milk and feed Tora-Chan. The Mother kitten brings home Tora with her family and all seem to get along with him, except for the youngest cat daughter. When the youngest cat runs away, Tora-chan looks for her.
Review There is music and songs all the way through, so this is really a musical. The animation makes the cats more human than cat, and the overall result is perhaps a little odd, and the monochrome contributes a further layer of unreality.
Credits Dir: Kenzo Masaoka
Music composition: Tadashi Hattori
Msic conductor: Tadashi Hattori
Music performance: Toho Symphony
Animation: Nihon Manga Eiga
Prod: Nihon Dogasha, Toho Kyouiku Eigabu
Episodes 1
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 1947-09-25
Production Nihon Dogasha, Toho Kyouiku Eigabu
Broadcaster -
Animation Nihon Manga Eiga
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