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Title (English) Tamayura – Hitotose:
Title (Japanese) Tamayura – Hitotose:

book cover

Fantasy Novel

Notes Sequel of Tamayura OAV (4 eps OAV).
Classification -
Synopsis For her first year of high school, Fu Sawatari moves to Takehara, a scenic old town near Hiroshima, on the Inland Sea. Her father, who has passed away, grew up in Takehara. She loves taking photographs with her father's old film camera, a Rollei 35S. The story follows her and the friends who gather around her as she comes to love her new home. Episode 1 is a prequel to the OAV, and tells of the events between the death of Fu's father and their move to Takehara (which is where the OAV starts). Episode 2 begins with a very brief synopsis of the events told in the OAV, then continues where the OAV left off.
Review A girl whose father recently died takes up her camera again, and her mother decides to move them back to to her father's hometown. A well-produced and well-meaning show, but the first episode could have done with a bit more substance and less tearful emoting from a minor character. A series about looking and photographing can work well as an anime, and this one scrapes over the bar.

In later episodes there is less emphasis on Fuu's photographic activities and a bit more on gentle comedy and slice-of life stuff involving the other characters. Overall, it's quite engaging.

Credits Director: Junichi Sato
Music: Nobuyuki Nakajima
Original creator: Junichi Sato
Character Design: Haruko Iizuka
Art Director: Kenichi Tajiri
Chief Animation Director: Hajime Watanabe
Episodes 12
TV Showing See the whole series for free? This series may be syndicated to regional cable, satellite or terrestial TV stations. For Europe click here.
Date 2011-10-03
Production Asahi, AT-X and others
Broadcaster AT-X, Mie TV, Sun TV, Tokyo MX etc
Animation TYO Animations
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