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>From: (Hitoshi Doi)
>Subject: [Primer] An "Akazukin Chacha" Primer
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>Date: Tue, 29 Mar 1994 00:45:43 GMT

An "Akazukin Chacha" Primer
version 0.5, Hitoshi Doi, 1994.02.12
version 1.0, Hitoshi Doi, 1994.03.28

Here's a quick description of the Akazukin Chacha characters,
followed by a brief description of the general premise of the show.
* * Warning: it does contain some spoilers * *
Chacha ($B%A%c%A%c(B):
Chacha is a very cute, little magician girl who is still learning how
to use magic from her teacher Seravi. She has blonde hair, and is
always wearing a red riding hood. Chacha still can't use magic very
well, and messes up a lot. Chacha likes Riiya, although she treats
him like her pet sometimes.
Chacha goes to a magician's school.

Seravi ($B%;%i%t%#!<(B):
Seravi is the world's strongest magician, and also Chacha's teacher.
He is tall and has blue/green hair.
He lives in a little house in Mochi Mochi Mountain.

Elizabeth ($B%(%j%6%Y%9(B):
Elizabeth is Seravi's favorite doll, who has blonde hair and a big
red ribbon. This is what Dorothy used to look like when she was
a young school girl. Seravi was (still is) in love with "that"
Dorothy. Seravi uses ventriloquism to talk with the doll all the time.

Riiya ($B%j!<%d(B):
Riiya is a little wolf boy, who can turn himself into a little white
wolf whenever he wants to, even without the moon. He has blue hair,
and wears a T-shirt. He likes Chacha and hates Seravi.
Riiya goes to the same school as Chacha.

Shiine ($B$7!<$M(B):
Shiine is a little boy magician who is learning magic from Dorothy.
He has brown hair, and wears a robe-like outfit.
He fell in love with Chacha at first sight.
Shiine also goes to the same school as Chacha.

Dorothy ($B$I$m$7!<(B):
Dorothy is a strong magician, who is around Seravi's age. She hates
Seravi, and wants him dead so she can be the strongest magician.
She has long red hair.
She lives in Urizuri Mountain.

Yakko ($B$d$C$3(B):
Yakko is a cute little magician girl who is in the magician school.
She has purple hair and wears a black riding hood.
Yakko wants to marry Seravi.

Marine ($B$^$j$s(B):
Marine is a pretty and cute mermaid girl who fell in love with Riiya.
But she still doesn't know that Riiya was a wolf boy and can transform.
She has hot pink hair.
When Marine goes on land and becomes dry, her fins turn into legs.

Urara Principal ($B$&$i$i1`D9(B):
Urara is the principal of the magician school that Chacha goes to.
The school is also called Urara Gakuen.

Rascal Teacher ($B%i%9%+%k@h@8(B):
Rascal is the teacher of Chacha's class.

muscle wolf man ($B6ZFyBgO5CK(B):
The large wolf man is Riiya's grandfather. He is very large and very powerful.

Cream woman ($B%/%j!<%`$*$P$5$s(B):
Cream woman is a master desert maker. But she made cookies and cakes
that looked very awful. It tasted awful too.

Vampire Kyuu-chan ($B5[7l54$-$e$&$A$c$s(B):
Kyuu-chan is a vampire who lived in a castle at a top of a cliff.
He wanted to suck the blood of the cute girls, Chacha and Marin.
He is a vampire, but trained himself so that he could not be defeated
by a cross or garlic. In the basement of his castle, Kyuu-chan had
all sorts of fun stores like game centers and bars.

Professor Mike-neko ($B%_%1%M%3Gn;N(B):
Mike-neko is a genius scientist who invented many things. But he
is crazy about cats, and all of his inventions had something to do
with cats. His house is a building that is shaped like a cat. He
also had a giant robot mecha called Nyandabar Z.

Kankan and Ranran ($B%+%s%+%s(B $B$H(B $B%i%s%i%s(B):
Kankan and Ranran were twin magicians who wanted to defeat Seravi.
Ranran (the girl) had invented a juice to make a person turn younger.

Daimaou ($BBgKb2&(B):
[bad guy-to be filled in later]

Sorges ($B%=!<%2%9(B):
[bad guy-to be filled in later]

General Info
Akazukin Chacha ($B@V$:$-$s%A%c%A%c(B) is a magic girl TV show based on the
manga of the same name by Ayahana Min ($B:L2V$_$s(B) which runs in Ribbon.
The basic story is just the magical adventures of Chacha and her friends.

In the TV show, Chacha can transform into an older girl, Magical Princess
Holly Up. (This transformation does not exist in the manga.)
For this transformation, Chacha was given a pendant "princess medallion",
a ring, and a bracelet from Seravi. She needs two close friend to help
her with the transformation. So Chacha uses the pendant, Riiya uses the
bracelet, and Shiine uses the ring to trigger the transformation.
Chacha says, "Ai yo.."
Riiya says, "Yuuki yo.."
Shiine says, "Kibou yo.."
Chacha says, "Ai to yuuki to kibou no na no motoni, Magical Princess
Holly Up!"

[In the name of love, courage, and hope, Magical Princess Holly Up!]

The Princess has a magic bow and arrow that she shoots to defeat the bad
guys. She says, "Beauty Serein Arrow.. Magical Shoot!"

funny scenes
Whenever Riiya wants to attack something, he turns into the little white
wolf. Then just as he leaps towards the opponent, Chacha yells,
"Wai, Riiya kawaii!" [Wow, Riiya you're so cute] and hugs Riiya.

Shiine was jealous of Chacha hugging Riiya, so he turned himself into
a little mouse. But since Chacha was afraid of mice, she and Riiya
pounded Shiine.

Seravi always talked with Elizabeth. Dorothy always got upset at Seravi
because he would use Elizabeth to say the harsh things against her.

When Chacha and her friends need some help in fighting against the bad
buys, Seravi and Dorothy would show up in disguise to help them out.
Chacha did not recognize them as Seravi and Dorothy, although everyone
else did.

Hitoshi Doi, Toshi Nibunnoichi
half a UFO catcher doll, half a cel [from JUNET:]