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For all those people who haven't read/watched this before here is an introduction to Goldfish Warning!
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A Primer for Goldfish Warning!

The series is called Kingyou Chuuihou! which translates as Goldfish Warning!
[as in Hurricane Warning :-)] The author is Nekobe Neko. Up to recently
Goldfish Warning! was in Nakayoshi, a monthly shoujo manga magazine.
Seven compilations of the manga are available [consult the ram Manga Guide
for details].

For the TV version each episode contains two segments, sometimes they are
two separate stories, sometimes they are two parts of the same story.
All the stories are self contained and there is little or no sequential
order to them.

The drawing style of the characters varies between normal, part-gag and
full-gag depending on the situation [gag is sort of like SD but not
necessarily super-cute]. Normal style tends to be used in "serious"
situations like when Chitose acts upperclass for example she is admiring
herself in the mirror. Part-gag is "normal" mode for most characters and
full-gag is used in "gag" situations like when Chitose discovers that her
hair is really a disaster...

The set-up of the story is this: Fujinomiya Chitose's wealthy father dies
with debts that leave her almost broke. She is kicked out of the snobbish
Tokai no Gakuen [City Academy] and she is left with nothing in the world
except for the clothes on her back and one pink goldfish called Gyopi-chan,
the only thing left by her father.

While wandering lost she collapses on the grounds the poor-but-happy
Inaka no Chuugakkou [Country Jr. High School], where the students are rough
[ie un-cultured] but friendly, and animals regularly roam the school grounds
and even attend class. When she recovers she enters the school even though
she is unhappy with its air of poverty.

Her family lawyer, Tanakayama, comes in presumably to see to her welfare,
but actually plots to steal her rare pink goldfish, which is extremely
valuable. Caught in the act by the school's guard chicken Piiko and stopped
by a student named Wapiko, he drops a safety deposit box key belonging to
Chitose's late father. The deposit box turns out to contain enough deeds,
stocks and other goodies to make Chitose set for life, but instead of
returning to the rich school that rejected her, she uses some of the money
to rebuild the poor school into the New Country Jr. High School.

In exchange for such generosity, she appoints herself the school's
chairperson of the board and student president. She then spends most of
her time trying to bring a little big-city sophistication to the school and
its student body and trying to get them to seriously compete (for her
revenge, of course) against the City Academy. Naturally, she fails
miserably. Future episodes usually centre around this theme or around
Chitose's attitude keeping her from just enjoying herself the way the
"low-class" country students do.

Other odd elements include the pigs, cows (human size!), chickens, cats, and
so on that can often be found in the classroom with the students. The cows
in particular play a fair part in the show, and two or three of them have
become recognisable characters.

Wapiko: The show's super-energetic, carefree heroine. Besides being
incredibly fast, strong, and agile, she also has a great tracking nose and
is very good with animals as well. The animals all look up to her, and she
often serves as intermediary between them and Chitose. She can be upset or
angry, but it usually doesn't last long. Her primary purpose in life seems
to be just to enjoy it.

Gyopi-chan: Currently valued in the hundreds of millions of yen. It is
eventually revealed that not only is the goldfish worth a mint, he can also
fly and talk, and is especially fond of potato chips.

Chitose: Even after losing it all and still being accepted by the poor
school you'd think she'd have learnt something, but she hasn't! She still
considers herself a lady of refinement and above all the country riff-raff,
even though she can and often does act wilder and cruder than any of them.
She does seem to occasionally notice that these people are good characters,
but rarely seems to pick up any of their better traits. Despite her good
intentions for the school, a big part of her remains a self-serving,
snobbish schemer.

Shuu: Short for Kitada Shuuichi. The straight man of the series, he is the
only person at New Country Jr. High who even comes close to a "student" as
Chitose knows them. She appoints him student vice-president, and he is
always referring to her as "Miss Student President", never by name. He is
more the stereotyped girls' manga-type boy: serious, intelligent, gentle,
slim, and handsome. He rarely if ever loses his temper, instead spending
a lot of his time dealing with Chitose's. However, despite his serious
character and position relative to her, he is above all a New Country
student, and remains loyal to his friends there in spite of what Chitose
thinks of them.

Aoi: The school delinquent, [well actually the school "human" delinquent as
there is delinquent bull :-)] he is forever late to class or forgetting at
least half his required class materials. He is, however, quite handsome,
and is not above exploiting this. If he didn't make a fool of himself so
often, he'd make a pretty good romantic lead.

Michael: Head of the school's Drama Club and he always carry a guitar with
him. He has a cat which always punch him, and it turns out that he is the
elder brother of the Prince from the Chocolate Empire! As for his "charm
point" as he calls it... ...and you thought the girls' eyes were big!!!

Sugadaira Yurika: Student President at the City Academy and Chitose's
rival. She is forever trying to find ways to do in or absorb New Country,
and would succeed more if she wasn't so infatuated with Aoi. It might also
help if she got rid of Tanakayama.

Tanakayama: After the first episode he goes to work for Yurika, and spends
most of his time either spying on New Country on her orders or eating at the
City Academy's expense.

Takapi: Chairman of City Academy's central committee ( a position he takes
seriously ) and Tanakayama's designated assistant spy. He's a good student,
if a little snobby, but his spying work is hampered by a crush he has on

Credits: Most of the text was taken from a Mangazine article that Widya
Santoso ( ) sent me. I have no idea who the original author of the article
is nor what issue it came from. I rewrote sections based on information
provided by Cynthia Ma ( and she provided the
final editing and approval [I always say consult the expert when you want
to write an article on something and she is the expert on Goldfish
Warning!]. - Michael Edwards ( 20/08/93
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