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United Publications Anime, manga, comics.

Otaku Anime, manga

Amazon Books, etc.

HMV Excellent mail-order; complements their high street shops.

Anime On Line Online shop arm of MVM group. Official UK anime releases only.


Amazon Books, videos etc.

Italy General DVDs, including anime.

Cinehollywood Small anime selection. Ships internationally.


Otaku Anime, manga.
CD Japan Japanese DVDs & music CDs


Yesasia Huge site, includes Japanese and other regional anime releases, some with English subtitles. Ships to UK

Online Auctions

Frequently a shopfront for smaller retailers with fixed ideas about price. Some fan bargains too. Look out for official genuine box-sets of series now several years old, which are frequently excellent value. Look out for fans selling used single anime DVDs, as these often go very cheaply and are not a risky buy. As for anime tapes, they are disappearing from the market as they can hardly be given away these days.


N.B. Many of the international anime items, particularly DVDs, on are pirated, and not of retail quality. With this warning, you should have little trouble in guessing which they are.

N.B. Unless you are fluent in Japanese and/or have a Japanese address, you will have great difficulty in having a bid accepted on Ebay Japan.
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