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This list is in two versions: "Sorted by English Title", and "Sorted by Japanese (Romaji) title". On selecting the latter, you can search for the Japanese title. Please note the different "a-z" bar in the Japanese ordered version! Not all titles have a valid Japanese title stored in the database.


Items marked (shoujo) are either part of Vince Ho's Shoujo Anime List (to 1995) or a later addition. For acknowledgements see notes.


Items marked (WMT) are World Masterpiece Theater (meisaku from Fuji TV/Nippon Animation.

Distribution abbreviations:

US= United States
UK=United Kingdom
Ger = Germany
Fra = France
Tur = Turkey
VHS = VHS tape, LD = Laserdisk, DVD = Digital Video Disk, TV = Television transmission. Items are not necessarily in print.

Further Information

Information on a topic can be found using a search engine, e.g.Altavista, or Google
A Web page on a particular series may often be found at: Anime Web Turnpike
Information (mainly credit data) on most of the anime TV series in existence can be found at: Richard Llewellyn's Animated Divots. If you have trouble matching the name you know with the name listed, a Google search may help.
Information on a TV series with literary associations (e.g. the World Masterpiece Theatre (meisaku) series) may be found at: Ben Ettinger's Sub Rosa
Please note that the first character of the Japanese name, together with the date of first broadcast, acts as an unique identifier for almost all TV series. This may help you find the entry in a Japanese list.

Japanese Text Display

A few of the entries use Japanese text display for the "Japanese name". If you can't read it, it will be for one of the following reasons:
Your browser doesn't have Japanese fonts installed (usually MS Gothic)
Japanese encoding is not enabled in your browser.
That entry is corrupt or missing.
I have found that MS Internet Explorer 5.5 gives the most consistent results in displaying the fonts as I intended.


The data displayed is held in an online database which is used to fill the Web pages.

The data is from various sources.
Entries are revised occasionally as additional data is found. Recent entries concentrate on shoujo titles and my personal viewing.

Copyright note:

Please note that while assistance has been sought from various sources, I have avoided any usage that could be taken as infringing the copyrights. Use of images "for review" is deemed fair usage in most countries. Later image inclusions have been deliberately marked to discourage further copying.