Cobra review module SPACE ADVENTURE COBRA (Manga Video, 95 mins, cert. PG, 13.99)
A galaxy-spanning James Bond-ish space adventure, in which space pirate Cobra, already hunted by the Justice Federation and with a large price on his head, falls foul of the Galactic Guild, a vast criminal organization headed up by the deathly cyborg Lord Necron. He comes out of hiding after an encounter with beautiful bounty-hunter Jane Flower and agrees to help rescue her sisters.
This movie has an expensive look to it, with lush and sometimes daringly artistic designs, notably the design of 'Lord Necron', exotic locations, exciting set-pieces, gorgeous under-clad girls, dramatic battles, and a moody rock-music soundtrack by European group Yello. The music, which is one of the strong points of this video, apparently was recorded for Manga Video and replaces the original Japanese soundtrack.
So what more could a young man want from a SF movie? One's main quibble is that the stocky yellow-haired Cobra is hardly the most charismatic of heroes, and as he seems indestructible, it's hard to care a whole lot about what happens to him or the pneumatic fantasy bimboes he is trying to save. Only the downbeat ending might catch you unawares.
The Manga Video knockers have been rather silent about this one.... (GC)