'Oh My Goddess' review module

OH MY GODDESS! (Anime Projects, subtitled, 28 mins, cert U, 12.99.) One of the most delightful anime series to reach our shores, and, unusually, a U cert. Student Keichi is left in the dorm to answer calls while his fellow students, all hulking bike fanatics, are out. Hungry, he telephones for food but finds the takeaways are not open. Instead, he gets the Goddess Helpline and no sooner realises he has a wrong number than a Goddess materialises in answer to his call. Offered one chance to wish for ANYTHING, he imagines various possibilities; however he has no girlfriend, the Goddess is cute so... he wishes that she stay with him forever.
The first result of this wish is that they are both thrown out of the men-only dorm... together. Homeless and wet, they take up residence in a disused shrine. The series, adapted from a manga, has proved a great fan favourite in Japan and in the USA, and Anime Projects will have no trouble selling tapes; even though they are rather short for 12.99.

OH MY GODDESS! #2 (Anime Projects/AnimEigo, subtitled, 28 min,cert. 12, 12.99) The second episode, in which Beldandy's sexy older sister Urd arrives.They all go to the beach.Urd tries to help along the Keichi/Beldandy romance with rather mixed results! Keichi's rich and nasty classmate turns up in a powerboat and sticks her oar in, Urd tries some spells which all backfire.

OH MY GODDESS! #3 (Anime Projects/AnimEigo, subtitled, 28 min, cert. U, 12.99.)
Third volume in the charming romantic comedy series. In this episode, Keichi is stuck with representing the Auto Club in the University Drag Race. His mates have made a secret bet on the outcome that involves Belldandy. And as if two goddesses weren't trouble enough, Belldandy's little sister, Skuld, makes an appearance and interferes with the race preparations. A small masterpiece of animation; if you have the money, collect the whole series.

OH MY GODDESS! #4 (Anime Projects/AnimEigo,subtitled, 28 mins,cert U, 12.99)
Fourth volume & one of a pair with #5. Matters take a sombre turn as 'bugs' appear whenever Keichi and Beldandy are together, and Beldandy is told that she is to be recalled to Heaven by God.

OH MY GODDESS! #5 (Anime Projects/AnimEigo, subtitled, 40 mins, cert.U,12.99)
Heartrending final episode in which Keichi works all hours to earn money to buy Beldandy an engagement ring, Urd and Skuld use computer and magic to concoct a bug-busting scheme, and Beldandy waits hopelessly for the moment of recall. If she goes back, all trace of her will be erased from Keichi's memory. Can it all end happily?