Green Legend RAN review module

GREEN LEGEND RAN (Pioneer) vols 1 to 2, 45 mins ea, 12.99.

An all-action SF adventure series with an 'eco' message, this is set in a future where there is no longer free water or clean air. Six large mysterious aliens control the only water sources. It never rains and the "oceans" are giant dustbowls roamed by armed landships. The aliens are worshipped by the elitist "Rodoist" class. Opposed to them are the revolutionary "Hazzard" faction. A teenage orphan boy, RAN, longs to join the Hazzard, and to avenge his mother whom he saw killed by a man with a scar, in factional fighting. He meets the beautiful Aira, a girl with silver-blue hair who seems to hold a key to the alien mysteries.

GREEN LEGEND RAN vol 3 (Pioneer, 52 mins, cert 12, 12.99.) Concluding volume of the thrilling SF eco-adventure. Aira is imprisoned in the holy shrine at Green 5 being interrogated by the Rodoist Bishops. Ran is looking for Aira, and for the man with the scar. Meanwhile the Hazard are plotting "Operation Fireball" to destroy the alien Holy Mother. Brilliant and beautifully produced; if you don't view this series you're missing some of the best screen SF around.

This is a highly original series, at once SF adventure, love story and cautionary tale, and guaranteed to entertain. The animation contains some superb 'vision' sequences experienced by the characters, as well as some striking background artwork, and the videos have enough depth and subtlety to satisfy the more discerning adult viewer. Deserves to become a classic; a "must" buy for anyone interested in screen SF or animation, and infinitely superior to Star-trek, Star-wars and their ilk.