UY TV review module URUSEI YATSURA TV Series, vols #3,#4, 100 mins ea., subtitled 12.99 ea, cert 12,PG.
More of the essential series featuring cute alien girl Lum; great comedy and good value at 100 mins a tape. Introducing the gorgeous Princess Kurama and other annoying aliens, and Mendou Shutaro, the richest youth in Japan. See the hilarious parody of the Tale of Genji, and the Mothers' Squabble at the school open day! Vol.4 was trimmed by 8 secs to deny our youth the sight of a nunchaku, an illegal chain/cosh weapon.

URUSEI YATSURA TV Series, vols #5,#6, 100 mins ea, subtitled, 12.99 ea, cert. PG.
#5 has the camera episode, the first Ran episode, the Ataru's Diary episode, and the Poetry Duel episode, (so sez the press release) all excellent.
#6 has the two Atarus episode, the episode which recap the series so far (pointless if you already have the episodes), the great Nara Ninja-girl episode, and the matchmaking party for Lum.